Looking for Small Gang PvPers! [SOV][EU/US][PVP]

Bio: We are apart of Se7en Sins and live in Deklein. Laid back RL first attitude, we ■■■■ talk alot and will chew each other out for all the dumb ■■■■ we do. We also manufacture drugs and pay dividends to eligible members based on PvP/Industry activity and have access to Alliance logistics to get anything and everything you want safely to nullsec.

ISK: 0% Tax. We have several systems in Deklein as high as -0.8 for ratting. Earn ISK to PvP passively by participating in the drug making process, harvesting gas clouds or simply just PvP to earn a monthly payment.

Things We Do:
Small gang PVP.
Cloaky Roams.
Alliance and Coalition Ops.
Drugs Manufacturing.

Min. Requirements:
No Morals
Mature. 18+ NSFC

Contact Bonera, Luis Walker in game for more info or short interview. Direct Applications will be rejected without prior contact.

Still looking for hungry pilots new and old


Still looking for a couple more pilots.

Still looking for a few pilots.

[23:59:38] > y?
[00:00:07] > you wanna hurry the ■■■■ up
[00:00:11] > loser
[00:00:18] Bonera > its a rapier man give it time
[00:00:37] > you’re pathetic
[00:00:48] > go find easy ■■■■ to kill noob
[00:00:54] Bonera > i just did
[00:01:07] > just like your mother
[00:01:09] > useless
[00:01:14] Bonera > thats fair.

One more happy customer’s review.

still recruiting…

Bumpty bumpty Bump

Pro tip you can’t launch a bomb stationary.

Pro tip Don’t Panic.

Pro tip Don’t rat anoms with 3hr timer on the ESS.

Pro tip the majority of local is more worried about being caught than forming up in the first 5mins of entering a system.

Pro Tip always have a scout for fleets.

Alts make Eve go round.

No Bumppity.

Still need pilots to fill this space.

So much space to farm so many targets to kill not enough time.

we charge 69 isk for jump bridges!

Still looking for more ppl

weekend bump