[EU] Life Finds A Way, a proper mint galmil corp

“Life, uh… Finds a way.” -Ian Malcom circa 1990

Picture the scene: You come home after sprinting 500 miles and performing other extraordinary feats of strength and grit. Log on, see “nano gang up on Hoff”, determined to feed, you hop on. The next day: fw roams, small gang, bit of blops and then fried Caldari for dinner.

If for whatever reason that made you go “damn sounds like me” then you’d be a massive legend if you applied.

BUT THATS NOT ALL, JPARK is a part of Sedition and there is even more stuff to do there. (Top 15 recent in zkill btw) Faction warfare, kicking ass, capitals, going toe-to-toe with the other hounds of Lowsec and loads more is all available to do.

Now doesn’t that sound convincing?

The Killboard: Life Finds A Way | Corporation | zKillboard

What I need from you:

  • 25m SP+
  • Logi IV (5 preferred)
  • Working mic
  • A mild pulse
  • TS3 and Discord
  • Pet frog

If you are interested, give me a shout on discord here: Life, uh, finds a way.
Or you can give me a message at “Hoff69” on discord, or Hoff Wenchester in-game.

we have pet frogs

can recommend :slight_smile:

Good guys highly reccomended

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200 kills in the first 4 days of existence : D

bump - nice corp, nice alliance and gucci fleets

3rd on the Sedit KB thanks to the proper legends in here

Bump, still looking for active EU pilots interested in FW

Corp has grown, still looking for pilots interested in constant PvP only 2 jumps from staging

Statistically, we are in the top 11 of Seditions 11 corps

My frog is lost in Old Man Star

Lmao :slight_smile:

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