EU newbro looking for a Corp to learn the ropes

Greetings o7

I have played Eve online a long long time ago.
I liked the graphics and the general awesomeness of this game, but I had no clue what I was doing.

I have now returned, and have been playing a few days.
I have been doing some exploration, have figured out how to do data and relic sites in wormholes, while D-scanning, but still feel a bit overwhelmed.
I am looking for a friendly corp to take me in and teach me the ways of New Eden.

What do I have to offer:

  • Because of an unpredictable work and personal life, I cannot promise how much time and on what days I am able to be online.
  • I can not use a mic, but I can text chat and am able to listen to mic chatter
  • I am willing to learn, an willing to contribute to a corp
  • I am currently Alpha, but open to upgrading to Omega if I keep liking this game

We would be interested in talking to you :slight_smile:

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