EU - NewBro looking for Caldari Corp

Hi All,

I’ve taken up EVE online about a week ago (close to 1kk SP). I had some experience with it before (nothing major).

I am looking for midsized EU TZ Corp that is up for some FW (im Caldari) and PVE Ratting and/or Incursions.

I am semi active, try to play few hours after work. Can’t promise 100% uptime.

Tomorrow afternoon I have some hours to kill and would like to join some fleets. If you have a cool logo and name, let me know if I can join.

Edit - Discord Voice is no issue.


Come check Us out, we are a active US/EUTZ corp with 20 years of experience, PVP is our main focus in the game. does not mean we don’t do other things. in our down time you can find us making isk and hunting. act now and join, don’t miss out on the content to be had.

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old
[ PvP focused with 100% SRP ] - No Life like Null Life -

Discover the rich content and deep social bonds of the 0.0 experience. We offer training and access to the highest end content available in New Eden. Become part of a gaming family that stretches back to the dawn of Eve. Join a rich tradition of combat pranks, territorial wars and, in general, causing as much trouble as we can, wherever we go.

Come be a part of gaming history! Join an ancient nullsec Corp whose history stretches back to 2003.
Newbros/Returning/Olds welcome, all can apply.
80% Buyback program for all your loot.
0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanning the Southeast of New Eden.
Open boarders with all coalitions space.
20 years of knowledge and experience to help elevate your game.
+|| Have microphone and comms software (Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord)||

||PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard. Must be willing and able to kill.||
||Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).||
Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: Archmage1006

If you are looking for Caldari Facwar then UCSC is going to be your home, come check out our recruitment center.
United Caldari Navy is where most new calmil players get launched