EU Nullsec PVP Corporation wants you!

We are currently recruiting active PVP players

The Reformed operates as a null security corporation within Brothers In Arms Alliance.
We base our operations out of sovereign owned systems in the region of Delve.

Our current position opens a wealth of content, including:

-Alliance and coalition wide pvp fleets running multiple times daily.
-One of the richest regions in Eve for ratting
-Freight logistics to and from high security space.

-20m skill points
-Discord and mumble with a microphone.
-Must be willing to partake in pvp

The following points would be considered a bonus and a good fit for our corp’s ongoing/future direction.

-Experience with FC’ing small groups/roams
-Cap/Super cap pilots

Public channel :- The Reformed.

Points of Contact: Benjamin Quokka, Valius Kreal

We look forward to speaking with you soon o7


We are interested in EU pvpers. Please chat to me in-game or join our public channel.



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