[EU] Polaris Imperial Navy - PVP Oriented - Alphas Welcome!

The Polaris Imperial Navy is a combat focused corporation open to recruitment to all capsuleers, new and old, alpha and omega, to join us as we make space ships explode around the universe! This corporation was made with one thing in mind, to enjoy all the combat activities that EVE Online has to offer, both PVP and PVE, as long a ship is exploding somewhere we are happy.

What We Do

  • Amarr FW
  • Small Gang PVP
  • Low & Null Exploration
  • Mission Running
  • WH Raiding

What We Offer

  • Friendly Community
  • Free Ships
  • No Forced Ops
  • No SP, KB, or Subscription Requirements
  • Tutoring for new players!

If you are interested in joining then there are a few ways you can find out more information. First is asking in this thread. Secondly you can message me in game. Finally you can check out our public channel ‘Polaris Imperial Navy’ and click on a link within the channel to submit an application.

More of the Minmatar Terrorists have been slain! Join today to join the fun!

We are still recruiting pilots in order to fight back the Minmatar invasion!

Hey there! Returning Omega pilot looking for a good new corporation! :slight_smile: Prefer to chat in more detail on the game or on Discord/Teamspeak :slight_smile:

I’m just at work still on a late shift at the moment but can definitely do that, I’ll shoot you a mail in game tomorrow if that’s alright?

Sounds good! I’ve just pinged a mail over in game too :slight_smile: Chat tomorrow

We are pushing back against the Minmatar and have halted their advances for the moment! Time to make Amarr great again!

We have had a couple of fresh faces come into Corp this week and we would love to add a few more so we can bolster our own fleet numbers.

We are still expanding our member base to bring the fight to the Minnie’s! New players will be tutored and supported during this great war.

We have managed to fend off hostile attempts by the Minmatar to take over one of our systems today, scoring a few kills in the process! Sign up now to fight these ‘Freedom Fighters’ back today!

Currently online to answer any questions or discuss your application for those who are interested!

Still recruiting pilots to help the counter offensive against the Minmatar in multiple regions! Frigates and destroyers provided!

We have just imported lots of new ships for our new pilots to fly into oblivion! Feel free to ask for more info.

You are most welcome to pay us a visit :slight_smile:


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