EU Time Zone Is Recruiting - Kenshin - Null Sec

Kenshin is a Null sec PVP focused corp


We are currently recruiting for our EU timezone. We are looking for the right people to fit well with our corp not everyone will be accepted but if your looking for a new adventure and a group that holds its own dear then feel free to come chat to us…

In game mails to Beans Headio or Catheressia always welcome or pop into our public channel = Kenshin.

  • Active EU/US/AUS Timezones
  • PVP Focussed
  • 0.0 NBSI SOV
  • Dedicated Fleet Commanders
  • Experienced Leadership
  • 20 Mil SP Minimum
  • 21+ Age or Mature Attitude
  • 300+ Lifetime Kills
  • Small / Medium / Large Fleet Warfare
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • PVE and isk generation


Eve Online - PVP - Hot Dropping Nerds

and much more. so come chat to us today

We are also looking for small PVP gang / corps who wish to merge with us so mail in game or come chat with us. - EU time zone only for this

Contact Beans Headio in game for more details
And come join the fun

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