Kenshin Recruitment Open

Kenshin is Recruiting! - Seeking EU/ AUS Members! - Nullsec PVP

Kenshin is a Null sec PVP focused corp

We are currently recruiting, We are looking for the right people to fit well with our corp. If your looking for a new adventure and a group that holds its own dear then feel free to come chat to us…

In game mails to @Beans_Headio welcome or pop into our public channel = Kenshin.

  • Active EU/AUS Timezones
  • PVP Focused
  • 0.0 NBSI SOV
  • Dedicated Fleet Commanders
  • Experienced Leadership
  • Small / Medium / Large Fleet Warfare
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • PVE and isk generation
  • 21+ Age or Mature Attitude
  • 10 Million Skillpoints

We’re members of Initiative and have plenty of top grade content with one of the best EU alliances in the game.



Eve Online - PVP - Hot Dropping Nerds

And much more, so come chat to us today and start your new adventure

Come have a Chat our recruitment is open

Still looking for new pilots - come have a chat with us

Come have a chat with us still looking for new members to join - :muscle:

Recruitment Still Open

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