EU TZ 200+mil sp combat pilot looking for casual Hisec/Lowsec home


Due to RL issues that aren’t going away any time soon I am looking to join a hisec/lowsec casual corp with a pvp focus. I don’t have a lot of time to give EvE atm (see my online times below) but when I’m on I try to make a useful contribution :slight_smile:

  • I would like to join a casual hisec/lowsec group that are tolerant of ppl with variable online times and are active in small gang PvP (if such a group exists!).
  • I am fine with piracy as long as it isn’t pointless ganking of soft targets and am more than happy to take part in roams through null for the lols.
  • I am UK based and my current online times are typically 22:00-01:00 EvE time (although sometimes I am able to be on earlier/for more extended times)

If I sound like a good fit for your corp, drop me an evemail or reply to this post :slight_smile:


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Hey isca,

Mea Culpa. is a rather casual lowsec pirate corp mostly doing small/micro gang stuff. Occasional ganking can’t be ruled out but it’s definitely not our focus :wink:

We have a lot of UK pilots, so you’d fit right in.

More details in our recruitment ad Your ship exploded? Mea Culpa or directly on discord, if you like.

Talk to you soon!


Sorry to hear about the RL issues.

We’re not based in high/lowsec, rather we’re a non-bloc-aligned nullsec nomadic corp, but there were a few things in your post that stood out to me:

  • Your active hours of 2200-0100, assuming you get on a couple of times a week or more, match up well with our most active times;
  • We do a lot of small-gang content;
  • Like you, we’re not really interested in soft targets and more into shooting targets that shoot back – in fact, in our current deployment we’ve taken the side of the more industrial groups in Provibloc to fight the more PvP-oriented Recking Crew.

If you think we could be a fit, come talk to us on Discord.


FUN Inc. is a purely small-gang PvP corp and an active and established member of the NPSI community. Please check out our recruitment ad to learn more. Basically we are a very RL friendly corp that runs two to three scheduled free-for-all roams and has built an active small gang community. You’ll always find someone to fly with on our discord or in-game in “EBWF Public”.

There is no requirement or pressure to join the corp, please join our Discord even if you don’t want to join to see our scheduled roams. You are always welcome to just fly with us if it suits you. Next roam will be Vexors tomorrow, after that Confessors on Thursday. We’d love to have you with us.

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We are rock-solid at sitting around, jumping up and down, spinning our toys, and playing with the toys while blowing up other pilots toys, would you be tempted to join us and do the same?

We have swinger parties, the finest Amarr space brandy, and spices that will get you higher than an orbital station. Join us and make the best worst decisions in the galaxy!

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