Old eve-vet looking for new home - NS/LS/PVP (EU tz)

Since my old corp have mostley gone quiet and all they do is poch stuff, iam looking for a home that suits me more.

About me:
Atm in a Panfam Alliance (hope thats not a problem)
137m main char, supcap, dreadnought, fax pilot
99m capital alt, Dreads, carrier/super, fax and titan capable
2 small sp cyno/barge alts for moving and mining if needed
I got working mike and can do ESI as required

What iam ideal looking for (nothing is perfect)
Eu timezone (iam +1GMT)
Active and with content
No panfam or wintherco corps/alliances
Nullsec perf (no hs or starter corps)
+30/50 members (dont want to log in every night and be the only one online)

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why dont you drop me a message and hop on our discord server to see if Infinite Point would be a good match for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

We live in sov nullsec and I could now rant a bit on what we offer our members (full corp SRP for small gang pvp, Plex bonuses at the end of each month for top zkb killers and best logi pilots), and all of us older folks having a grand old time together. So just get in touch if you’re interested!

Hello mate, we’re in Imperium, if that’s also not a problem? We have EU members (I’m British myself), and we have daily content throughout the day as you’d expect from a major bloc. We live in Fountain and would be more than happy to help you move your stuff to where we live. Also bear in mind that we recognise that Eve’s a game so RL comes first, we ask you to do stuff, not put demands upon your life. If you’re willing to have a chat with us contact us on Discord and just @recruiter to get someone’s attention.

We’re a relax corp that is located in null and not part of Panfam. Check us out.

Hey mate,

I think we have a great home for you in Guns. We have a decent EUTZ, enough people to go out and enjoy small gang stuff but not so many that you get drowned out on comms, you can get to know the people you fly with. We are part of Rekking Crew, but are still pretty RL friendly with very few CTAs. We dont take ourselves too seriously.

Check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon (it is dumbed down a bit so that newer players can understand all the lingo, so dont let that put you off)

hi there m8

if you can consider being part of an independnet pvp group please make sure to read our post below

hope to hear from you m8


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