[EU TZ] Gemini Empire is recruiting corps for null-sec!


(Seldon Vestrit) #1

Welcome fellow capsuleers!
Gemini Empire is recruiting EU TZ Corps!

About us:
We are a young and motivated, but also experienced alliance currently living in the null-sec space of Wicked Creek. There we do live as renters ( TCU’s Comming Soon ™ ) until we have proven our worth as Alliance.

We do offer:

  • Small-/Medium Scale Alliance Fleets (Roams/Homedefense/CTA/Mercenary Work)
  • Full SRP Program for Alliance Fleets
  • Out-Of-The-Blueballs Roams and Ganks (once we got the numbers for it!)
  • Teamspeak for Voice Communication
  • Family and reallife friendly community
  • Experienced Leadership
  • PvE and Mining Possibilities (Moon-Mining, Ice-Belt, Normal Anomaly Mining)
  • Industrial Citadels for Production
  • Local Market to buy the most important stuff
  • JF Service

Currently we are searching for:

  • Industrial / Mining Corps
  • PvP/PvE Corps
  • Old players and new players
  • Good fights (talking about fights, not ganks!)

Check out following links:
Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007595/
Homepage: https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu/
Discord: https://discord.gg/S7MbjNu
Teamspeak Address: gemini-empire.eu

If YOU are interested or do have questions, feel free to join our discord or teamspeak!
For Ingame contacts: Lynn Inkura, Argon Inkura, Seldon Vestrit
best regards,
Seldon Vestrit

(Seldon Vestrit) #2

We are still recruiting corps and players!

(Seldon Vestrit) #3

Push up!

(Seldon Vestrit) #4

We are still recruiting! For questions visit us on discord or our teamspeak!

(Xiao Liang) #5

Could you link your discord channel?

(Seldon Vestrit) #6

Hello Xiao,
This is the discord invitation link for our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY
You can also join by klicking the discord button on our recruitment website.


(Seldon Vestrit) #7

Up! We are still recruiting!

(Seldon Vestrit) #8

Weekend is over, time to push this up again!

(Seldon Vestrit) #9

Interested in Joining Null-Sec? Like to have access to nearby high-sec/low-sec systems?
Well, we can provide that. And luckily we are searching for corps! So what are you waiting for?
Join our Discord or inform yourself on https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu

(Seldon Vestrit) #10

Push up, not down!

(Seldon Vestrit) #11

We are still recruiting corporations in EU TZ!

For more information check out https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu, contact us in Discord
https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY1 or join our teamspeak (address: gemini-empire.eu).


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(Seldon Vestrit) #13

We welcome our new Member’s to the Alliance!
Nonetheless, we are still recruiting Corporation’s for Sov Null-Sec!

If you have question’s or do just want to have a talk with us, join our discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY1) or our Teamspeak Server (gemini-empire.eu)

New Player Corporation’s with not Null-Sec experience are aswell welcome as already established vet corps!

(Seldon Vestrit) #14

Push up!

(Seldon Vestrit) #15

We are still recruiting! Checkout https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu for more information or join our public channel Gemini Empire!!

(Seldon Vestrit) #16

As the old Discord invitation has stopped working:

For questions feel free to join our public Discord (https://discord.gg/eudEycK) and ask us any questions!

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(Seldon Vestrit) #18

We are still recruiting corps!

(Seldon Vestrit) #19

Push it!

(Seldon Vestrit) #20