[EU TZ] Gemini Empire is recruiting corps for null-sec!

Welcome fellow capsuleers!
Gemini Empire is recruiting EU TZ Corps!

About us:
We are a young and motivated, but also experienced alliance currently living in the null-sec space of Wicked Creek. There we do live as renters ( TCU’s Comming Soon ™ ) until we have proven our worth as Alliance.

We do offer:

  • Small-/Medium Scale Alliance Fleets (Roams/Homedefense/CTA/Mercenary Work)
  • Full SRP Program for Alliance Fleets
  • Out-Of-The-Blueballs Roams and Ganks (once we got the numbers for it!)
  • Teamspeak for Voice Communication
  • Family and reallife friendly community
  • Experienced Leadership
  • PvE and Mining Possibilities (Moon-Mining, Ice-Belt, Normal Anomaly Mining)
  • Industrial Citadels for Production
  • Local Market to buy the most important stuff
  • JF Service

Currently we are searching for:

  • Industrial / Mining Corps
  • PvP/PvE Corps
  • Old players and new players
  • Good fights (talking about fights, not ganks!)

Check out following links:
Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007595/
Homepage: https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu/
Discord: https://discord.gg/S7MbjNu
Teamspeak Address: gemini-empire.eu

If YOU are interested or do have questions, feel free to join our discord or teamspeak!
For Ingame contacts: Lynn Inkura, Argon Inkura, Seldon Vestrit
best regards,
Seldon Vestrit

We are still recruiting corps and players!

Push up!

We are still recruiting! For questions visit us on discord or our teamspeak!

Could you link your discord channel?

Hello Xiao,
This is the discord invitation link for our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY
You can also join by klicking the discord button on our recruitment website.


Up! We are still recruiting!

Weekend is over, time to push this up again!

Interested in Joining Null-Sec? Like to have access to nearby high-sec/low-sec systems?
Well, we can provide that. And luckily we are searching for corps! So what are you waiting for?
Join our Discord or inform yourself on https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu

Push up, not down!

We are still recruiting corporations in EU TZ!

For more information check out https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu, contact us in Discord
https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY1 or join our teamspeak (address: gemini-empire.eu).



We welcome our new Member’s to the Alliance!
Nonetheless, we are still recruiting Corporation’s for Sov Null-Sec!

If you have question’s or do just want to have a talk with us, join our discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/sdrXWSY1) or our Teamspeak Server (gemini-empire.eu)

New Player Corporation’s with not Null-Sec experience are aswell welcome as already established vet corps!

Push up!

We are still recruiting! Checkout https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu for more information or join our public channel Gemini Empire!!

As the old Discord invitation has stopped working:

For questions feel free to join our public Discord (https://discord.gg/eudEycK) and ask us any questions!


We are still recruiting corps!

Push it!