[EU TZ] Gemini Empire is recruiting corps for null-sec!

Recruitment status: still open!

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Welcome fellow capsuleers!
Gemini Empire is recruiting EU TZ Corps!

About us:
We are a young and motivated, but also experienced alliance currently living in the null-sec space of geminate. There we do live as renters (until we have grown enough to hold own sov, not meant to be forever renters!) and are prepairing and training our members how to behave in null-sec and which possibilities the life outside highsec does offer.

We do also have action’s in lowsec space and are planning to expand our operations there, but do also want to grow our industrial department more.

So currently we are searching for:

  • Industrial / Mining Corps
  • PvP/PvE Corps
  • Old players and new players
  • Good fights (talking about fights, not ganks!)

Check out following links:
Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007595/
Homepage: https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu/
Discord: https://discord.gg/S7MbjNu
Teamspeak Address: gemini-empire.eu

If YOU are interested or do have questions, feel free to join our discord or teamspeak!

best regards,
Seldon Vestrit | the Gemini Empire Leadership Team


Gemini Empire is still recruiting!

We are still looking for young, motivated corporations that would like to experience the Null-Sec and become part of a bigger community!

Now with updated recruitment page!
Check out https://recruitment.gemini-empire.eu for more information!

We are still recruiting! Join now and become a part of the community!

Now Recruiting Again!
Gemini Empire has moved out of the Blue Ball of the DRF and is now recruiting Corps for Null-Sec that want to have fun doing Null-Sec stuff.

Find out more and become part of the community!

The Empire does also wish everyone in the EvE Community joyful Christmas Days!

You are young, highly motivated PvP or industry alliance? You are bored and want to try out something new without beeing part of one of the giant blue donuts of eve?

Than we might be the ones you’ve been searching for!
Gemini Empire is searching for Industrial and PvP Corporations to join the Null-Sec fun! Also Corporations without direct profession that understand the necessarity of PvP are welcome!

find out more about it:

YOU are still wanted! Get in contact and apply now! This is your Chance!

Gemini Empire is stil recruiting highly motivated Corporations for Null-Sec!

We are heavily interested in recruiting Mining and Industrial Corps! If you think you want to become an important part of the community, apply now!

Still searching for Corps!
Mining and Industrial Corps are searched with priority! Visit the Gemini Empire Channel ingame for more Information an questions!

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Still Recruiting Corporations!
Interested in out-of-the-block null-sec sov driven pvp? Lot’s of neutral neighbors and lots to shoot at? Then come to Gemini Empire! Help us to build an Alliance generating content and fun outside the usual!

Visit the ingame Channel Gemini Empire or Write me a PN if interested!
Also: Entry Post Updated with “What do we offer”.

We are still recruiting Corporations!

Don’t waste that potential! Become part of our family! You don’t have to be a big corp :slight_smile: join us and help to get into your own, hard fought for home!

for any questions feel free to contact us!

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We are still recruiting!