[EU TZ] Gemini Empire is recruiting corps for null-sec!

Push up!

We are still recruiting, everything from Miners, over PvPers to Casual Gamers!
Real Life has the most importance!
Even small sized Corps are welcome! JOIN THE FUN!

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99007595/

We are still recruiting!

Push !

You want to leave High-Sec? You are searching for a home with friends and good allies?
Then come join Gemini Empire! Learn how to live in Null-Sec Angel Space and become Part of the local Community!

We are highly searching for:

  • Industrial/Mining Corporations
  • PvP Corporations
  • Mixed Corporations

To learn more about us get in touch with us! Visit our Discord or contact us ingame!

We are still recruiting Corps for null-sec! Join now and become part of a great, reliable community!

Gemini Empire is still recruiting for the Angel Space!

You are a motivated Corporation searching for a new home?

Then Join Gemini Empire! We are recruiting Corporations for Angel Null-Sec!