[PVP] Gemini Talon - Warden of Providence

Gemini Talon is recruiting

We are a friendly, predominantly EU-TZ group living in Providence, a null-sec region close to high-sec. Gemini Talon is part of the Provi-Bloc coalition which operate under NRDS (Not red don’t shoot). This means that we welcome any neutral corp or player to live in our space and to go after their business as long as they abide by our few rules.

We are constantly at war with local pirates who seek to destroy our idealistic way of life. Therefore we are looking for players who like to (role)play as the good guy and the Paladin Wardens of Providence and who want to shoot the pirates with us in a friendly, non judgemental atmosphere.

We don’t scam, gank neutrals or smacktalk in local.

If you are new to fleet PvP, we will give you plenty of assistance in the form of newbie fleets, skill books, guides and ships. Losses that occur while flying in an official fleet op will be replaced by our alliance.

PvP fleets are not mandatory, so you are free to learn at your own pace.

As a non aggressive coalition our fleets almost always take place in Providence, so we don’t have to travel far to get content. Just hop on, have fun for half an hour and dock up again in our Keepstar.

We have all the ISK making options null-sec provides and many of our members engage in activities such as ratting, mining, PI or exploration, although it is advised to not make it your main activity as Provi gets much roamed by red entities. Still we have the means to make enough ISK to sustain our pvp activities.

Basically we are looking for friendly EU-TZ players to join our ranks who don’t mind playing EVE on hard mode and who are looking for a good cause to play for.

We require an ESI check of your characters and a minimum of 10 m skillpoints.

If you feel that you are a good fit for us, please come to our ingame channel: Gem-T Public and/or hop on our Discord to say hello.

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Recruiting willing warriors, young and old.


come and pvp with us!


Drop in to our public channel or discord and have a chat.

still looking for new people

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