💥 (EU/UK/USTZ) Viper-Squad - Triumvirate. - Southern content - PVP&Nullsec life

We are now slightly settled within TRI and are looking for more quality members to be a part of this journey !

If you are a pilot looking for a new home, you should def catch this train.

We are friendly, chill and competent veterans of the game, looking for more likeminded players.

We will be continuously looking to meet other pvp oriented dudes that are looking for a different kind of content!

To the top, we’re still recruiting.

Still recruiting !

Recruiting Still open…

We are still recruiting !

Thats what she said !

I endorse this product

Still recruiting, don’t be shy!

Saturday content with TRI.

We are looking for more eu/us tz players to join us in these fights!

To the top again.

Plenty of fights to be had and plenty of content.

If you are looking for a change in your eve life, take a look at us and come for a chat.


Monday night content in the South!

We are continuously looking to grow our ranks!

We are allways looking for other nerds to come along!

Wednesday content night ! We’ll see the br’s later o/

If you are looking to step up your game, we are def a group you should have interest in!

Join us for a chat if you are looking for a new group!

Recruiting process still up to date!

We are continuously looking for other players who like us, are in need of a change in this game.

Since we are a an ongoing growing corp at the moment, we are also offering support for a variety of roles to be taken.

Still looking for those rare, special kind of snowflakes :))

I confirm