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Still recruiting.

Recruitment allways open for eutz pilots.

Recruiting open.

Poke me on discord if anything of the above is something that you are looking for.


The dailly recuritment to the top push :smiley:

Still recruiting!

Recruiting small gang interested eutz players.

Eutz pilots!

Small gang pref.


Relic hunt! :disappointed_relieved:

Bump for a great group, used to fly with them back in the days of Triumvirate. One of the OG PVP corps!

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Sadly we lost to many people over time to real life, and i don’t mean bout vsq only :)) Still good to see ex tri mk1 boys still arround.


Recruitment open !

You too man, many have come and gone but some of the originales are still around :slight_smile:

We are recruiting pvp oriented fellas for small gang operations, baseing out of npc null sec.

Stain region.
Small gang pvp.
Isk makeing.

We are looking for small gang/eutz peeeew pewwwwwww’rs!!

Poke me on discord or ingame if anything of the above might get your interest o/

We are looking to keep this recruitment post up !

If you are interested in what we run, poke me on discord or ingame.


Na recruitment is still open !

Still recruiting.

Summer bootcamp in feythabolis !

Recruitment open.