[EU/UK] Wh corp - No voice comms requirements, No pressure just do your thing



We are now reopening recruitment following some recent changes

Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP we are Now able to offer any sp/ experience level a suitable home with progression into higher class whs

Founded in 2016, We are an established WormHole Corp offering a relaxed home to vets and a place to grow and learn for the newer players

Join alliance fleets if you want or don’t join the fleets, Jump on comms or don’t jump on comms,
Undock or don’t undock - it’s your game so play it your way

Hell, as long as you are considerate to your corp mates you can do what you want. Nothing is mandatory - your time is your own, do what you want when you want

More a family where everyone matters than a corporation, you are a person not a number in the blob.
Experienced members available to coach and mentor newer players in WH life (and some scattered knowledge of other stuff)

(C2) with a Hisec static for easy logistics for lazy vets, and noobs alike, and a C3 for your Isk making needs

We try to be a no-drama group and look for the same in those looking to join. Real-life comes first so we try to avoid forced Ops when we can. No need to log in every day, we all have lives

Mostly EU/UK TZ But Alliance friends offer fleets/ friends in most TZ so no matter what your timezone you will normally find someone online to chat with.

We are mainly into:

  • Hunting
  • Ratting
  • Gas huffing
  • Planetary Industry
  • Wormhole exploration

What the corp offers for YOU:

  • Teaching wh life/ mechanics, industry
  • Advice on ship fitting
  • Guidance on Isk making -alpha to omega in a wh is easy(ish)
  • A nice base to operate out off for lone wolves
  • Having friends has benefits :wink:

We use Discord for out-of-game messaging and voice comms if you feel like it but day-to-day voice comms are not required

*Most alliance fleets require comms on discord/Ts3 (listen only is normally fine)

Alliance also offers:

  • Access to higher class wh ratting/ gas
  • Larger fleet fights with experienced Fc’s
  • Experienced Fc’s to learn from

Please mail Gavin Breaker for more details

bumping as still recruiting and don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity

Bumpy Bumpy still recruiting

Bump me to the top as we still have spaces

Bumping, still recruiting



Hello! I am interested in joining your corporation. I have around 3.5 million skill points and experience in wormholes not living in them. I just learned how to use d scan and was wondering if your still recruiting.

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