[EU/US] | BLACKOPS SPECIALISTS | Malevolent Intent wants YOU!

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Fancy something more than just Piracy and Gatecamps?
Have you outgrown the typical 1v20 blob fights?
Fancy making ISK whilst also blowing others up?
Want to be on the winning end of the wager?

If this sounds like you, then Malevolent Intent is taking on likeminded pilots who are wanting to dominate their local area with an array of Hotdrops, Roams and Sieges. We take on any SP as it takes mere days to get into a Black Ops Capable Stealth Bomber.

We are based around Placid, a lowsec dominant region within the Gallente Federation, bordering Syndicate space and many other nullsec areas.

What do we include in our Corporation?

  • Experienced Blackops Hotdropping Fleets
  • Fleet Loot Sharing
  • Level 5 Missions for ISK Generation
  • Ex-Alliance FC/Exec as your FC
  • NPSI Fleets (Bring your friends along…)
  • Regular Ops with Spectre Fleet
  • Regular fun-fleets (Interceptor gangs, Venture gangs, Faction Only Fleets, Bait Blops!)

And what is it we ask from you?

  • A full, non-expiring API Key
  • A working microphone for Discord
  • 5m SP Minimum
  • Trust & Cameraderie

Join our in-game chat channel @ ‘Malevolent Pub’ or contact ‘Michael Pergkk’ in-game.

Remember, the more connections in this game that you have, the better off you will be. Joining us will be a smart move on your behalf combined with our experience and your firepower; we are willing to make anything happen.


-SE, Director of Malevolent Intent

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