[EU/US} Care Bears with Guns! -PVP pve and mining

:star2::rocket: Calling all Mavericks and Space Cowboys! :rocket::star2:

Tired of flying solo in the vast reaches of New Eden? Looking to join a crew that’s as tough as they come but knows how to have a blast? Welcome to Care Bears with Guns—where we mix the grit of the Wild West with the thrill of interstellar adventure!

:gun: Ready to sling some laser fire in epic PvP showdowns? Whether you’re a gunslinger itching for a duel or a seasoned tactician commanding fleets, we’ve got the action-packed battles you crave. From daring skirmishes to full-scale wars, we ride into the fray with guns blazing and hearts pounding.

:pick: Seeking riches among the stars? Our mining operations extract the finest ores, gases, and ice in the galaxy. With top-notch equipment and skilled crews, we’ll have you hauling in the motherlode faster than you can say “bounty.”

:moneybag: Need to fatten up that wallet? Our ratting and crabbing expeditions offer lucrative opportunities to rake in the ISK. Whether you’re hunting pirates or plundering cosmic anomalies, we’ve got the loot to make any outlaw jealous.

:rocket: Dreaming of commanding the mightiest ships ever built? Look no further! At Care Bears with Guns, we pilot the colossal behemoths of space with precision and panache. From Titans to Dreadnoughts, we’ve got the firepower to rock the heavens.

:boom: Worried about losing your ship in battle? Fear not! Our Ship Replacement Program ensures that you’ll always have a ride home, no matter how rough the fight gets. With us, you can fly with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your back.

So saddle up, partner, and join us on the wildest ride this side of the galaxy! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a greenhorn looking to make your mark, there’s a place for you among the Care Bears with Guns. Don’t miss your chance to become a legend among the stars—apply now! :milky_way::cowboy_hat_face:


Proud members of Goon Swarm

I’ve been flying with these guys for a few months. They are pretty awesome.

This corp has been pretty laid back, I like it.