EU/US High SP PVP corp

Howdy all, if you are looking for a corp to use all your fancy toys that you bought but never got to use, look no further.

Epidemic is looking for players in the EU or US tz that are interested in a laid back corp and alliance with plenty of targets to kill.

  • You will get the chance to use those fancy ships that you never got to before
  • Black ops fleets
  • Capital fleets
  • No CTA requirements or any of that crap (Lets face it, CTA’s are overrated)
  • You will roll with pilots who also have experience in the game, which should provide that pillow of comfort knowing your bros also know what they are doing.
  • No activity requirement (Ex: you have to be on this much to stay in corp)
  • Based in Null sec

If you are interested Mail Jigro

Get plenty of capital ship experience here ladies and gents.

Obviously we use subcaps as well.

Even with jump cancer, no place is safe.

Had a nice cap fight the other night, would love to have anyone else who wants to, jump on in with us.

Yo jiggy. I`m really sorry about what`s going on right now… My building got struck by lightning on Wednesday last week and it fried my mobo. Not sure when I`ll be getting another one so I`m out of commission. Using a friends shitty laptop at the moment so getting on EVE is close to impossible. i don`t even know how to PM on this site so this is my attempt at flagging you down.
Hopefully you receive this and don`t kick me.
If you receive this please reply so that I know everything is okay. I’ll keep checking in tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s like 1 in the morning and I should have been asleep by now but I needed to reformat this stupid laptop and thought I’d find a way to message you so you know what’s been going down.
Also if you wanna reach me please send a message to m d u t o i t 2 4 4 [ a t ] g m a i l [d o t] c o m