EU/US Highsec Industrial corp looking for Players

(Saska Dax) #1

The Meakhai Syndicate is a new organisation (part of a larger group) being built from the ground up. Presently we need Indy pilots, pve jockeys and combat pilots interesting in building a new organisation from the ground up to fulfill our strategic plan.
Area- Amarr Highsec

What we offer
Ore buyback scheme
SRP free Ship replacement (STC)
Total maxed out orca/rorq boosting,
mass transportation /freighters
organised mining, pve events
ship building for your requirements
mission help
BPC use from our stock
PI Facilities
training for younger pilots.
14 years of eve experience.
an experienced and well run corporation

our aim is to fulfill our objective and be the very best at what we do, nothing else

if you have experience that’s a bonus but we are willing to train younger dedicated pilots. Alphas accepted. This corp is about objectives and achieving goals if this is YOU then we want to speak to you.

Minimum requirements
Api check
working TS system and microphone
basic mining skills (ability to fly a mining fitted frigate)
mature attitude no drama queens

contact saska dax
or join us in Meakhai Recruit

(Trendak) #2


How should we contact you ?

New industrial player looking for industrial corporation
(Saska Dax) #3

still looking for some good miners to join our group, quality more than quantity

(Saska Dax) #4

still open to good people

(Saska Dax) #5

still looking

(Saska Dax) #6

new players required

(Saska Dax) #7

open recruitment

(Saska Dax) #8

recruit open

(Saska Dax) #9

recruit still open

(Saska Dax) #10

still recruiting

(Saska Dax) #11

still looking

(Saska Dax) #12

good people still required

(Saska Dax) #13

recruit open

(Saska Dax) #14

still recruiting

(Saska Dax) #15

recruit open

(Saska Dax) #16

recruit open

(Saska Dax) #17

still lookin

(Saska Dax) #18

recruit open

(Saska Dax) #19

still looking

(Kaotik) #20

I am a returning player looking to get back into the action. will show you I am an indy/miner but interested in learning PvP. I want to feel useful. I want a reason to log in. I have research slots open, manufacturing lines open, and planets ready to be exploited. You just say the word and tell me what you need and I will work on it. Not looking to make isk as much as I am looking for an opportunity to grow, learn, and help out.