[EU/US] Level Up with Order of the Eclipse - 0.0/PvP

Order of the Eclipse

Do you ever feel like there are only two types of corporation in nullsec?

There’s the blob corps, in which you’re nothing but a single cog in a vast machine, and you’re stuck in what feels like a space dead-end job as an anchor-and-shoot line member…

And then there’s those elite small-gang guys who you really want to join, but they want fourteen years’ experience flying titans, thirty-five accounts, and ten vouches from pilots you’ll never meet because you’re not in those corps.

There is another way.

Who Are We?

We’re Order of the Eclipse, a spiritual successor to the Total Eclipse. alliance. Based in Esoteria, and a member of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, we’re an NBSI PvP corporation involved in an active war, and we’re looking for people who want to play a PvP-centric game without the barriers to entry that so frequently push newer pilots into the blobs.

Our focus is on levelling up. That means there’s a low barrier to entry to trying new things – whether you want to get into fleet command, or designing doctrines, or strategy, or even industry – we want to support you to get there.

We don’t have a skillpoint requirement, and we don’t require a green killboard. We do have expectations (more on that in the next section) but we’re willing to help you to get there.

What Are We Not Looking For?

There are a few red flags which we avoid:

  • Pilots who intend to join on an alt, this is a corp for mains;
  • Pilots who are overly sensitive or prone to drama, if you’ve ever been accused of being “the fun police”, this isn’t the corp for you;
  • Pilots with ‘corp hopping’ histories – if your average tenancy is 10 days, don’t bother applying.

What Are We Looking For?

You should apply to join Order of the Eclipse if you:

  • are EU or Eastern US timezone – we will consider applicants from outside of these timezones if you have FCing ability;
  • are primarily interested in PvP – we don’t mind if you occasionally skip a fleet to shoot some rats or asteroids – but most of your time in game should be spent blowing stuff up;
  • have a working mic, and are able to use Push-To-Talk;
  • want to be more than a line member;
  • have at least one Omega account, preferably two;
  • are willing to train into the ships we use;
  • play on a pretty regular basis; real life comes first but if you’re not going to fly with us, why join?

Our general expectation is that you participate in at least 20 kills/month. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule; if you’re deployed, on vacation, or primarily fly logi, we are very willing to account for that.

Whether you’ve been playing ten years or ten days, if this sounds like you, hop on our Discord.

What Do We Offer?

Being in CVA means that we have the perfect blend of a new, agile Corp and a venerable alliance that’s written itself into the history of New Eden. We have leadership who have flown together for years in top-tier corporations like Sniggerdly and Shiva, and run a successful mid-sized alliance in a coalition.

  • All new members get up to 110,000 m3 of stuff moved from Amarr to our staging, absolutely free;
  • Comprehensive ship replacement programme, if you lose a ship on a strat op, we will reimburse it;
  • An active warzone with hostiles within a few jumps of home – if you want a target-rich environment, you’re in the right place;
  • Access to nullsec ISK making: PI, R64 moons, ice & ore, DEDs, industry, and ratting;
  • A tight-knit group, in a medium-sized and growing alliance;
  • Several fleets every day, at corp level, alliance level, and with our blues;
  • Help to become the pilot you want to be.

Ready to Level Up?

Join us on Discord.

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New Eden? More like New Order.

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Want a corp where learning isn’t limited to anchoring up and pressing F1?
Want to be somewhere where you really count?

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Want to be part of big fights and get billions of ISK in killmails?

Enlist today, and help us rewrite the future of New Eden.

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Join OOTE, for a different kind of newbro experience. Go from frigate to capitals!

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was…

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To train them is our cause!

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Happy Foundation Day! Joined in the festivities with our good friends in Lumen at Amarr :hearts: Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from pew pew and enjoy the beauty of the universe.

Today we went on an adventure, killed a lot of stuff in dessies. I love cheap thrills lol