Returning 30M PvP Vet looking for Null Home

If you’re still looking, look no longer. Your home is right here in Order of the Eclipse.

  • Lots of small gang PvP – we don’t just say it, at the time of writing no kill on the front page of our killboard has more than 16 people involved and 80% have 8 or less;
  • Sov null space to fund those losses – we have sov in Esoteria, with ratting/moon mining/whatever else you want to do for income;
  • An active tight-knit Discord server;
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn and teach.

We’re a member of CVA (no longer NRDS), so we have stable and active leadership. There are strat op fleets but they’re what we spend the minority of our time doing.

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