[EU/US] [-OS-] Sov Null Alliance LF PVP/Indy Corps of all kind!

Osiris Syndicate is a newly formed alliance and is looking for corps to fill its ranks!

Based out of Sov owned Null Sec space in Scalding Pass we have great PVP opportunities with NPC Null next door and in our back yard!

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Local and Regional Markets
  • Hands on, active and experienced Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang and Large Scale Fleets
  • Funloving Community
  • Member of Fi.RE Coalition
  • Rent Free Moons!
  • Ice Belt


  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Train Into and Fly Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord/Mumble
  • Ideally 10 Active players (negotiable)


  • In game channel: -OS- recruitment
  • Mail me direct in game
  • DM us on Discord (Frazer#4196) | (Gunstar Zer0#1397) | (datajr69#4559)
  • Discord server: Osiris Syndicate Discord

Still looking for all corps! come and have a chat!

Daily reminder that we are still recruiting!

Osiris Syndicate wants you!

Still looking for all corps! come and have a chat!

Daily reminder that we are still recruiting!

Don’t play hard to get future alliance buddies!

One of us!

One of us!


Had a great form here yesterday as we conducted some rodent extermination in the region.

You know what would make these forms even greater? More corps to fly with us!

Reach out :wink:

Expansion underway - let’s go!

A big announcement here on the horizon, as the Alliance adds a new, yet familiar, face.

Looking for a break out into Null Sec for your Corp? We may just be able to provide a plan to achieve that.

Reach out!


We are still looking all corp types!

Looking for a new home? Come and speak with us and see if we match!

Did I say, we offer free moons!

Osiris Syndicate wants you!

We have Cake!

Freshly baked cake ready to be served!

Plenty of content to be had!!

Reminder! We are still recruiting corps!

Are you an indy corp? We have free moons, ore belts and ice!

We are still looking all corp types and from all walks of life

We have cake on a daily basis folks! Come and see