:parrotwave1: EU/US [SBBAL] Short Bus Ballaz expanding "chillin and killin"

Just random big ass BS fights


nice little third party action.

bomber fun

Two battle reports from two different systems in regards to some action we had last night against INIT/GOTG


1 interceptor for a feed of five bombers and a caracal. Come join the clown show GOTG is giving us. Free tickets if you join the Short Bus

Killed a phoenix in UZ tz in GOTG’s staging. no biggie join for more fun

WH clean out of junk one of our pilots went on. EZ PZ on the kills. Like seriously you’re missing out not being on the short bus. Join discord to chat


Jacob Dean tried to drop a full fleet on us and we def came out isk positive in the end :slight_smile: maybe next time he’ll manage to kill us all

contesting sov one random fight at a time.

Had a fun little happy accident with Razor the other night.

Big ass ■■■■■■■ fight against the powers that be tonight.