EU/US TZ Corp looking for Indy, PvP and PvE pilots. Newbros welcome

Hidden Society of Minmatar Nobles is seeking Industry Pilots to expand our growth.
We are actively searching for U.S. Players to help expand accessibility and services to a wider range.
Majority of the corp, however, is EU Based.

EU Pilots: 55
US Pilots: 3
Active Pilots Total: 10-14

Do you want to be part of a friendly corp with semi-big aspirations? Join our Discord for any questions!

What we’re seeking:

  • Miners
  • PvP Pilots
  • PvE Pilots

What we offer:

  • Our own C4 Wormhole.
  • A social environment on Discord
  • Real life comes first!
  • A freedom to pursue your own eve aspirations.
  • Good isk making (80 to 250mil an hour depending on connections)
  • Low tax on PI & Industry.
  • Regular PVP fleets (LS and NS).
  • Regular PVE fleets.
  • Regular Mining Fleets.
  • Regular Moon Mining with max boosted fleets.
  • Ore Buyback


  • Omega Status is preferred, but there are uses for Alphas.
  • A genuine interest in the corp and its social life.
  • Discord and a mic.

Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment is still open!

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