USURPER Alliance Recruiting PVP/Indy pilots USTZ

Tired of High sec, low or null?
Why not try out wormholes?

The USURPER Alliance is recruiting, making the solo/small gang roam great again!

We live in a C3 with HS static! Full indy infrastructure!

PI is great! Moon mining and random ore belts. Come get the good stuff!

Looking for 10-15 Indy/pvp combo pilots and 10 PVP pilots - small corps indy and or pvp welcome

Late EU early USTZ most active! 18:00-04:00

English speaking, Discord for chat and comms with TS for backup comms.

PVP from HD to chaining down the wormholes to roams in null & low either thru wandering ‘doors’ or travel thru HS.

Reply here, evemail me or join our Public chat channel in game.

Join ‘USURP Public’ chat channel

Check out recruitment page and be sure to click upper right for some videos!

What are you waiting for? Join a relaxed corp/alliance and have fun! o7

Bumping. Come chat with us ‘USURP Public’

Bitter Vets welcome! New players too, we can start you off in the WH or one of our HS areas.

Casual play, relaxed atmosphere, PVP, PVE, Indy all await.

Reply here or or public chat channel!

Welcoming 2 new pilots already, come check us out before recruitment closes!

New to EVE and looking for a good Corp and Alliance? We have corps that take new pilots and train in HS, Indy, exploration and pvp.

USURPERS, making the small gang roam great again!


Recruitment is still open for new to wormholers, Bitter Vets, miners, industrialists and pvpers.

Come say hi!


Interested? That’s why I’m bumping this thread. Join the chat :slight_smile:

Another recruited, will you be next?

2 new applicants! What are you waiting for, chat with us, it might be a good fit.

Wormhole life. Have you considered it, or looking for a laid back wormhole alliance?

You can’t go wrong chatting with us! Hardcore PVP, miners, industrialists, explorers, new or returning players, bitter vets. We are a good mix of it all, having fun!

USURP Pub is the chat channel you want to join!

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come have fun in w-space! PVP, miners, T2 & T3 indy pilots all welcome.

Welcome to new pilots! If you’re returning to the game after a break, we can get you up to speed and have fun at the same time. Check us out!

So we’ve had some returning to EVE pilots join,!

Recruitment continues - PVP, miners, industrialists, explorers, all welcome to check us out. Relaxed atmosphere, lots of trolling and laughs.

“Come join our party Dress to Kill”
-The Who, Eminence Front

Recruitment is still open!

Hi i jumped in public channel but no one was on just wondering if you are still looking for guys in the autz?

Yes we are. Have 1 AUTZ pilot just join, so we’re open now for that TZ. I’ll try and catch you in the Pub chat!

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