EU/US TZ Null Sec Corp Opening Its Doors


As said, we are EU and US friendly, Anzac will also be considered. So what are we looking for?

Active players although we do understand RL happens

The Ability to be self sufficient for cash, we can give you the tools but wont do it for you. PVE And Mining is fine, we have a small corp tax in place to help cover the costs of the system. All ore must be reprocessed using corp structures, help us to help you.

Comms is a must, working mic with access to TS and Discord. Discipline on comms will be required from time to time however we have a very relaxed atmosphere.

PvP ability is a requirement but quite relaxed where we are. there are oppotunities should you choose to take them. Home System defence is mandatory with no exceptions, CTA’s do happen as and when and participation will be on a case to case basis. ideally you will be flying With T2 or higher spec fittings.

All hostiles to be reported to the intel channels wether your in space or not or just passing through a system with name, system and ship type if you see one on Dscan.

Your must respect other peoples space, you will be asked to leave / removed without warning for serious violation, we have plenty of space of our own!

You must be mature, relaxed and thick skinned at times we are NOT looking for keyboard warriors, emo rangers and people who cannot type a proper sentence although we do accept some words the cool kids use.

Alcoholics will be considdered and in some cases mandatory.

You must have some form of killboard stats, we will check.

Basic English or fluent is a must, we also speak drunk on occasion.

No Blue on Blue combat, end of simple as unless you are attacked first then you are free to engage. screenshots of blue on blue showing the blue in system is mandatory and will help towards replacing your ship should an unfortunate event occur. stick to our policys and systems and you will be fine.

All genders/races/colours and creeds accepted. Racism is not allowed and neither is bullying, i’ll kill you myself for that. we do understand friendly banter and i welcome it, just make sure the other person is ok with it too.

Omega clones are desireable however Alpha’s will be on a case to case basis. you are also welcome to invite your friends however they will go through the same recruitment proceedures like you and me and everybody!

Ok, enough of that. so what can we offer?

Access to null sec space with surrounding blues.

Plenty of combat sites to chew through, system has lvl 5 upgrades and Anoms spawn frequently.

Moons and belts to be mined at your leisure, you can strip the system of ore if you choose.

Docking access of course with plenty of market hubs to buy/sell

Established Local Research/manufacturing and invention with a view to upgrading our own infrastructure further should the demand present itself.

A healthy bridge network to assist your requirements

An Established Alliance for support

A wealth of experence at director level dating back to around 2004 should you need help with your eve journey.

More importantly we offer a relaxed atmosphere, would suit new bro’s and old, returning players so they can settle back into game and anybody who just fancys a change of gameplay.

well, what are you waiting for ?

Please mail this toon in game, i will of course keep checking/bumping the thread from time to time. this is an alt that is in no way connected to who and where we are, it was something i made once for a drunk xmas roam :slight_smile:

see you in space

bump, still looking

up she goes, still looking.

military index of 5 and moon mining / reprocessing facilities.

nice and relaxed with content if you want it

still looking

still looking

have accepted applications, still looking.

help available for newer players. alpha’s are considered

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