:dealwithitparrot: [EU/US TZ | NULLSEC | PVP | INDY | Newbros | Veterans] Guns-R-Us Toy Company

This war is getting spicy! Love it

Hows your week going?

So… Recruitment is open again. Where the bloody hell are ya?

I have played this game for 9 years. And I can say that this group is by far the most active and fun group I have been with. It provides both a direction and a purpose in thes beautifull sandbox.

Ahh, weekend over already. Bummer

very good corp 10/10 recommend for the newer dudes!

Whos looking for a new home?

Any plans for the weekend?

Had a lot of fun with today’s ESS fight in one of our systems. People raiding it actually stayed around, had a good fight, yeah, we lost some ships, but still came out ISK positive, and most importantly had a good time and learned more about ESS defense (also got me away from mining which I’d been doing for a good chunk of the day)

Whats the best part of your weekend so far?

Looking forward to a little less risky ratting and mining now that it’s a weekday :slight_smile:

Weekend when???


I like the cut of your job in your recruitment posts.

A few friends and I run a major outfit on Elite. And that game done went stale on us so we came over to eve about three weeks ago. Been grinding hard and learning the ropes.

Anyway, I’d love to find some time to chat with you about your operation.

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Hey Honum,

Ha, our CEO Thanak is a massive fan of Elite as well. Feel free to join our recruitment discord and @HR to request a chat! - Guns Public Discord

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Time to make the isk and get some content. see you guys in space

Hows it going?

What was your most recent activity in Eve?

Doing a little explo right now, how about you?

so nice to have ice again

what a great group of people, love this corp