[EU/US] Vastly Outnumbered is recruiting - newbros welcome!

We are looking to recruit pilots of all skill levels, But we mainly focus on training new players and helping them find what they enjoy in EVE.
We run training fleets to teach players how to operate in a fleet. Industry training as well as exploration and ratting.
Also, new members get complimentary skill book packages and mining and exploration ships when they set up alliance services!
Within the corporation there is a buyback program for ore and items as well as hauling services. So new players can stop worrying about isk and start finding their passion.

We Offer

  • Buyback services
  • Training fleets
  • Free skillbooks and ships.
  • SRP
  • Access to a wealth of moons within the region
  • Discord comunications

What we require from you

  • Have fun
  • Don’t be a dick

Have a chat with us here: Discord

Zkill says Corp closed?

same for me maybe two different ones

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