[EU/US] Venomous. - Nullsec Corp Looking For Active PvP Pilots - WE FORM BL0B

Venomous. is a newly reformed Primarily USTZ corporation based in nullsec looking to grow its membership as a laid back group of spaceship hunters with a real life comes first attitude. We currently reside in Fade/Deklein as members of the alliance WE FORM BL0B. Although corp leadership is USTZ, the alliance/coalition operate in all TZ’s.

What we can offer you

  • Nullsec space to make isk
  • All manner of content (pvp, pve, exploration, industry, etc)
  • Experienced FC’s looking for hungry pilots to fleet with
  • Large, Medium, Small, and Micro Scale PvP
  • Coalition jump freighter services from Jita
  • Coalition Discord and Mumble, as well as corp Discord

What we are looking for

  • Minimum 10m SP
  • Ability to fly a T3D or Assault Frigate
  • Willingness to train doctrines to support the coalition
  • Willingness to use comms
  • Laid back, no drama, willing to undock and lose spaceships

We aren’t killboard hawks, we don’t care if you lose spaceships, it’s a video game. We care the you get involved, undock, and fly with us once in a while. Real life comes first, we don’t expect people to play this game 24/7, but we hope that when you find the time to play that you spend some time with us.

If this sounds like a group you’d be interested in, or you’d like to just chat about it or hang out, you can reach us via the following:

  • Ingame Channel: Venomous.
  • Discord: Venomous. Discord
  • EVE Mail Coal Powered or TheRealEilish

We won’t accept random corp applications, we do intend to talk to people we recruit beforehand, the idea is to develop a smaller (20-man or so) corp of tight knit friends.

Still looking for pilots, come chat if you’re interested in some pvp

To The Top!