[USTZ] [NPC NS] Venomous. - PvP Oriented Corp - BOSS Alliance

Venomous. is a new USTZ pvp-oriented corporation flying with the NPC Nullsec alliance Brotherhood of Spacers. We are looking to grow our numbers slowly with the right like-minded individuals, who carry a real life first mentality and want to stay outside of the large nullsec Blocs.

Our corp does not focus on elitist attitudes, we don’t monitor your killboard, and we encourage undocking. End of the day it’s just space pixels and it’s your game, play it how you see fit. Although we are pvp-oriented, we are also open to players looking to enjoy the isk benefits that nullsec provides (spaceships cost money after all). We have nullsec ratting, mining, planetary interaction, market trading, etc.

What we are looking for:

  • 10m SP Minimum (Negotiable depending on person/interview)
  • Ability to fly Assault Frigates/T3 Destroyers
  • Willingness to train into alliance doctrines
  • Willingness to undock and pvp with us occasionally (or frequently :slight_smile: )
  • ZERO DRAMA - you cause it you’re out

What we can offer:

  • Alliance jump freighting to get your assets to our space
  • Regular pvp opportunities (solo, small gang, medium gang, large scale warfare)
  • Well stocked alliance contracts and market
  • No fleet PAPs, login when you can and participate how you like
  • Discord and Mumble for alliance communication

If our corp sounds like a good fit for you, and you understand you are joining a smaller tight knit group and helping it grow into something bigger, then we’re interested in chatting with you. We might be smaller as a corp but we believe in alliance integration and activity, and have a large group to interact and roam with.

All we ask is a quick voice comms chat before joining to get a feel for who you are, not to grill you about your past.

Join our Corp Discord: Venomous.
Join our ingame channel “Venomous.”

Our Killboard: Venomous. Killboard

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Just another Saturday night drunk roam with the lads :slight_smile: Still looking for pilots who wanna have fun


Another roam, another carrier down, looking for more capsuleers who want that stress free pvp experience :slight_smile:

Another night, another capital down, having lots of fun with our group. Looking for pvp’ers who want the same :slight_smile:

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On a bit of a roll here, jump on the pain train!



too the top!

Keeping the content rolling, still looking for active pilots! All TZ’s welcome

Still looking for pvp minded pilots!


Another night, another roam, another bump

Another mwd Overheated BUUMMPPPP!!!


We have joined a new alliance and are looking to grow our numbers slowly with the right pilots!

Marauder down roaming with some friends :slight_smile:


Bumppp to the top. Been getting some good fleet fights in venal fighting off the blocs

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