Venom Inc - Null-sec PVP

We are a new Corp in the GDUSK coalition, Currently looking for people who aren’t risk adverse and want to drop dreads on Faces. I started this corp because I’m tired of how boring EVE is right now and I wanted to create a place were content is sought after.

What we can offer you.

  • Solemn believers in Stains the lord of Ganks.

  • Alliance and Corp SRP.

  • Group and Solo hunting.

  • Blops and Dread bombs

  • EU/US Time Zone activity.

  • Industry and Logistics provided by the alliance.

  • Plenty of space to PVE in if for some weird reason you do that sort of thing.

What we look for.

  • People who have the ability to be Self Sufficient. absolutely No time to hold hands.

  • Able to fly T3Cs as well as Dreads.

  • dedicated Logi and Tackle alts.

If you fit the description and want to help build a corp give us a shout on our in game recruitment channel: Venom Inc Recruitment Look forward to flying with you.

Killboard Link:


Still Looking



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