EU/US | Vertex Armada [VERT-] / No Forks Given [SPORK] Seeking New and Veteran pilots to join our family!

“Are you a pilot looking for a change of pace? A place you can call home?”

Looking to get away from all the CTA’s, the bloc drama, the tryhard crews and nonsense?

Something more relaxed and leaving you room to have freedom to enjoy content you like?

Maybe you’re someone looking to give a place like low sec a try for the first time?

New player trying out EVE for the first time and still trying to find your way?

Whatever you’re story thus far, we understand how vital is it to be with a community of pilots that you truly connect with more than just names on a screen. A good community can make all the difference in making those magic moments along the way in your EVE story that much more special.

“So, whats your mission?”
At Vertex Armada, our primary mission is to foster a close-knit family like community. A community that embraces diversity and mutual respect, where every pilot’s contributions are valued, and all playstyles are welcome.

“Who are you anyways?”
Vertex Armada is an active EU/US member corp of No Forks Given, we pride ourselves on being a newbro friendly mining/industry and pirate group based in the heart of Amarr low sec.

“Ok, so what can you offer me?”

  • Opportunities Galore: Experience a bountiful array of isk-making opportunities tailored to all skill levels and content interests in PvE and PvP. We don’t tell you how to make your isk, so long as it doesn’t break EVE ToS we want all of our pilots to have fun playing EVE the way they see best to spend their time.

  • An Industrial Powerhouse: Leverage our thorough alliance industrial infrastructure for all aspects of T1/T2/T3 and Capital productions. An active alliance market leaves ample opportunity for market stockpilers and doctrine ship makers.

  • A Focus to Newbros: We prioritize our new pilots success, offering specialized programs and handouts including free training implants, fitted ships, and veteran guidance to kickstart your journey and get you on a path to self sufficiency to survive in low sec. Whatever your content interest or experience level, we can help you find a path to get to your goal.

  • A Community That Matters: Vertex Armada holds an “IRL first” mentality, valuing each pilot’s real-life responsibilities above our eve duties, and fostering a positive and safe atmosphere in and out of game. We are pirates with honor. We are a community that welcomes all walks of life regardless of background, gender, race, orientation. We hold a firm zero tolerance policy towards bad behaviors in our community. We are not zkillboard warriors, we are not elite pvp’ers, we are not toxic trashbags.

“What’s expected of me?”

  • A working headset
  • A quick SeAT background check
  • Discord/TS3 + being online when active when possible
  • Willingness to train into alliance doctrine ships
  • Willingness to use corp and alliance Discord + Teamspeak servers to stay updated with important news and chat with fellow members
  • Mature, positive, and friendly attitudes

Join Our Ranks:
If you share our passion for teaching, growing, and forging bonds with the next generation of EVE players, we’d be thrilled to have you onboard. Apply to join through our information page in game, drop by our Public Channel “Vertex Pub Chat” and chat with our recruiters, or join us on discord to get started!

Zkillboard: Vertex Armada | Corporation | zKillboard
Discord: Vertex Armada Discord
In-Game Chat: “Vertex Pub Chat”
Recruiter Discord Handles: Jasmine Luka @ skumbagsko (US) / Bill Paid @ bp_eve (EU/US)

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Bump! Still recruiting EU/US pilots!

What times are people around, and when is most activity, current Corp is v empty at the moment

We are a good mixture of EU/US pilots, but our primary time is between 16:00 - 00:00 most nights.

Bump up the recruitment!

Bumptastic news, still recruiting! Come find your home before the Winter Nexus arrives!

Holidays don’t stop the bumps here!