USTZ | [VERT-] Vertex Armada / [SPORK] No Forks Given | Newbro Friendly | Seeking New and Veteran pilots to join our family!

Are you a pilot looking for a change of pace? A place you can call home?

Maybe you’re a player looking to get away from all the CTA’s, the bloc drama, the tryhard crews, and look for something more relaxed and leaving you room to have freedom to enjoy content you like. Maybe you’re someone who has a knack for wanting to help teach the next generation of pilots creating their eve stories from the beginning to help set them on a path to success. Perhaps maybe you’re someone looking to give a place like low sec a try at calling it you’re home for the first time.

Or, are you a new player trying out EVE for the first time? Just getting your feet under you as you begin the climb up the massive EVE learning cliff. You’re making good strides, but you can’t help but feel you could do better with friends. You want to be able to ask the questions you maybe feel are “dumb questions” without feeling embarrassed to ask or even being afraid to make mistakes.

Whatever you’re story this far, we understand how vital being with a good community of pilots that you truly connect with can make or break your EVE experience. A good community can make all the difference in making those moments along the way in your EVE story that much more special.

Our Mission:
At Vertex Armada, Our primary mission is to foster a close-knit community that embraces diversity and mutual respect, where every pilot’s contributions are valued, and welcome the next generation of EVE pilots into New Eden.

We live in the heart of Amarr low-sec, Genesis, Kor Azor, Kador being our main stomping grounds under the flag of No Forks Given. Between the choices for PvP of nearby faction warfare, small/medium gang roams, gate camping, black ops and more, you’ll keep your hunger for spaceblood satisfied. In tandem, many lucrative isk making opportunities await you to keep your wallets stuffed and hangers stocked. From mining all types of raw materials (Except Mexcoxit), Data and Relic sites with a constant chain of solid WH connections nearby to expand your searches, L1-4 missions and combat anomalies for all ship sizes and class and much much more. You’ll never get bored of things to do!

Join Us to Find Your Way in New Eden:

  • Opportunities Galore: Experience a bountiful array of isk-making opportunities tailored to all skill levels and content interests in PvE and PvP. We don’t tell you how to make your isk, so long as it doesn’t break EVE ToS we want all of our pilots to have fun playing EVE the way they see best.

  • Industrial Integrity: Dive into our expansive Corp/Alliance BPC library and leverage our thorough industrial infrastructure for all aspects of T1/T2/T3 and Capital productions.

  • Newbro Empowerment: We prioritize our new pilots success, offering specialized programs and handouts, free training implants, fitted ships, and veteran guidance to kickstart your journey. This includes an assortment of skill plans, fittings, and mentoring for various playstyles to help you find your niche.

  • Community Matters: Vertex Armada cherishes an “IRL first” mentality, valuing each pilot’s real-life responsibilities, and fostering a positive in-game atmosphere. We are an inclusive community that welcomes all walks of life and have zero tolerance for toxic bs behavior.

What we require and expect from our recruits:

  • A working headset + microphone (We don’t mind shy or quiet people who wish to listen more than speak if they prefer and yet still engage with eachother)
  • A quick SeAT background check
  • Discord/TS3
  • Willingness to train into alliance doctrine ships
  • Willingness to use corp and alliance Discord + Teamspeak servers to stay updated with important news and chat with fellow members
  • Mature, positive, and friendly attitudes to thrive in a supportive and welcoming environment

Join Our Ranks:
If you share our passion for teaching, growing, and forging bonds with the next generation of EVE players, we’d be thrilled to have you onboard. Apply to join through our information page in game, drop by our Public Channel Vertex Pub Chat and chat with our recruiters, or add us on discord to get started!

Zkillboard: Vertex Armada | Corporation | zKillboard
In-Game Chat: “Vertex Pub Chat”
Recruiter Discord Handles: Jasmine Luka @ skumbagsko (US) / Bill Paid @ bp_eve (EU/US)

Recruitment still open

Still recruiting!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment is still ongoing!

We’re still recruiting!

Still open for recruitment!

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