[EU/USA] Low Sec PVP Pirate in PVE Alliance

No wars, all structures are held in alt corps.

English speaking

*low sec PVP trips
*Gate camps
*Trig invasion PvP (Trig side)
*Stories to tell

Real life comes first , no mandatory ops
We ask that you’re a mature person.

I understand it being a 1 man corp that may turn you off the idea, HOWEVER! I ask you consider that nobody starts at the top. I have worked hard to keep my little corp from failing entirely, and maintained friendships with other groups of like mind.

The Corp is a proud new member of the Loading alliance, and as such we are forming the less reputable side of things. Please feel free to contact me in game. If I’m not on, shoot me a mail.


I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite pvp corporation on the Citadel!

all jokes aside, welcome to the alliance we are excited to have you. Your killboards speak for themselves, clearly you are quite the pvp pilot.

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Additionally! We are working on comps and fits for the arena filaments! Should help get everyone into a good fight, and create content.

did you tell them about our latest capital kill?

we took the fight to goons in a 10 person slicer fleet and whooped some ass.

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