Eulogy for an Astrahus

Oh grand old dame, how proudly did you rule
the empty shores beyond the promised land,
where many forlorn pilgrims’ tortured souls
found consolation in your lonely home.

Though your old skin was scarred by many fights,
and wrinkly spotted by the laser-weld repairs,
not for a second did your godly suitor ever cease
caressing you with most majestic whisps of light.

Now, as the curtain falls on your old age
and you can finally lay down
the lifelong shackles of timidity and pride,

you -at last!- reach out to touch God’s Mouth,
with exploding light outshining heaven’s might
as your first and final kiss.


May the vision of the great gate gain a platform and chapel again. For the light of God is a continuum for all.


In a turbulent world where we come and go those that stand inspire us

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