EUTZ Newbro looking for pvp


A newbro here! Don’t be fooled by my 34m SP, i’ve had this account for a good while, played a month here and there(mostly running missions), but never actually gotten into the game. But as it turns out this game is just what i’m looking for nowadays.

Looking for a newbro-friendly, pvp focused corp to learn and have a good time with. Maturity and common decency among the corp.

RL comes first
I live in the EU and do have a job, so you know, i do have things to do outside of the game.

Reply here or send me an in-game email, would love to hear from you!


I recommend whatever Vapor is about to say

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Hey o/

Welcome back. I did something very similar and came back after a long time away.

Federation Uprising is an alliance operating under the banner of Legacy Coalition. We are based in null sec in Immensea, and hold 12 systems of sovereignty right on the front lines of the war against Winter Coalition (Fraternity), located in Detorid.

We’re comprised of a number of corps, each with a slightly different focus from pure PvP to industry, mining, trade and freight. From your brief bio, you’d be suitable for a few of our corps, that is if you fancy null sec blackout, and helping to forge history in the southern region of New Eden !!

If you want to play your part in the great southern war, now is the time to sign up. More fleets and battles than you can shake a stick at if you are willing.

You should drop by our Discord and have a chat :slight_smile:

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Hey, welcome back to EVE. I think most of us have done the same thing as you did. Anyway its nice to meet a newbro so check us out here.

Bokbok @MygN,

You should join us on discord sometime to chat,

Fweddit is a member of the Free Range Chikuns alliance which is an independent poultry-loving group that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights. We operate mostly during the US and EU time zones.

If you want to read more about Fweddit you can check out our ad on the EVE forums at Join Fweddit - Become a Space Chikun! [USTZ].

Hope to speak with you soon!

Hello @MygN ,

We are super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. If you get a chance come see who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council


If you haven’t been picked up yet you might consider Total Mayhem. We are a small gang pvp Corp. We don’t do sov. We are nomadic, roaming space like murder hobos in spaceships. We chase content and don’t really sit around and wait for it. If any of this seems interesting give the ad below a read through and jump by our discord and we can have a talk.

How is it going? I am part of a corporation that is part of an alliance that is part of a coalition. Names aside, we pride ourselves on our corporation level community and have fun in the bigger picture. I’m not gonna copy pasta anything here, so if you are interested in some EUTZ fun, we offer whatever scratches your itch. Join our recruitment discord and see what we have to offer there :wink:

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