[EUTZ] - Returning Player Looking for Corp - 50mill+ SP

Hey mate,

Sorry I didn’t catch your ad sooner, but if you’re still looking for a Corp come have a chat with us on our running with dogs community discord server so we can tell you all about what we’re up to.

As a null sec pvp focused Corp with a strong indy backbone you’ll have access to all aspects of the game so you can play the way you want, as long as you are ok joining in our PVP activity.

We can definitely support you to get back up to speed as a returning pilot, we have experience doing that and we also have a high sec new bro corp where we recruit and train pilots to get them ready for null sec so we are bang up to speed on all the changes.

I think you’d fit in with our Corp and what we are trying to do, all our pilots make a huge difference and are helping us shape the future.

Come talk to us before you make your decision about your next Corp, it will be well worth your time.