Evanova for Android - ESI Update

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Folks, this has been a long road to ESI but here it is.

Evanova has been almost all re-written from scratch and drops support for API keys as they are going away. It also includes a lot of improvements and additional features, as well as a refreshed fitting tool which I want to hear about.

In advance to questions about usage of a LOT of ESI scopes: Evanova needs a lot of info and it’s complicated to make distinctions about scopes, so yeah, it uses a lot of them but it’s all for your own good. I hope to improve this but there’s a deadline looming and so much time I can spare for it.

Please understand that with major changes come major breakages so be kind enough to report issues as you see fit.


Thanks, I’ve been using this tool for a while. Great work! Keep it on,

Unfortunately since the update it seems to crash and restart everytime the Industry jobs screen is opened. Characters reauthed and that so I guess it might be a bug?

Regardless <3 for updating this, can only imagine the hours that went into it.

Can you try the very latest? (the version tag should be 20180506)

Thanks for the update. Do you have an ETA for the corporations’ register?

Not really, I’m trying to fix some stuff with the fitting tool currently. That distracts me from implementing the fun parts. I hope to be able to start working on corporations after the week-end.

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So it’s likely due to not the app but that I’m running Android P.
The app will launch and run until I have submitted to login my character through ESI, once it returns to the app it constantly closes with any attempt to re-open the app. I have to clear cache/data and it just goes through the loops again.

Else, before Android P, it worked awesome.

Hi, any news regarding corps? it was very handy to follow up wallet’ movements

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