EvE Account link with Twitch Account

(Zero Skilly) #1

I am pretty new to this game, but i see on Twitch some offer over Twitch Prime.
U have to link your Twitch acc with the EvE acc, but i have no idea where i have to do this?
Sure in the account settings, but where?

(Ariana Chant) #2

I’m a returning player, but I’m having the same problem.
The Twitch Prime offer FAQ specifically says you need to link your Twitch account and EVE account before you claim the bundle, but it only links to https://secure.eveonline.com/ instead of a direct account linking page, and I can’t find anything on the EVE site about linking to Twitch.
I’ve also tried search the EVE support section and the forums, and this was the only thread I could find that even mentions anything about linking the two accounts.
Does anyone have some insight about how to do this?