Eve Anywere

Hi folks,

I was trying to run Eve Anywhere through a browser, Chrome, Edge and Firefox but i don’t come any further than the blue circle running around and than it breaks off.
Has this anything to do because I`m behind a company firewall or something?
Thanks for advise already.

Be thankful, it’s saving your bandwidth use.

Ahh a company firewall you say, that’s a well run company if it’s blocking game and social sites and app stores, sounds like their IT is on the ball.

Why don’t you use your own network and machines?

Try asking your company IT (if you dare).

I can play all browser games but cant log in into Eve with browser.
But does Eve Anywere also connects trough port 26000?
Thought browsers always goes through port 80

Use TCPView to check the socket it’s connecting to.

Contact your company IT if you have problems, it’s a company issue if on company resources and time.

Browsers can be configured for any port based on protocol. 80 is the “standard” HTTP, and 8080 is the “standard” HTTPS.

Some browsers even support SSH and FTP…the default ports are only there because that is what the server is likely monitoring.

You can use any port, but it’d be like knocking on the garage door to get someone’s attention in the house. They probably aren’t going to hear you.

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