Eve anywhere is Eve nowhere


Lately Eve anywhere isn’t working for me, can’t get to log in. This problem has been accuring for months now, 2-3 weeks it’s ok then 1 week can’t even log in. Since i don’t wanna talk to devs anymore because i alredyy know what they will say - yes i have done everything 5 devs said in this time frame and still isn’t working.

I do know it’s beta but please don’t go the route of Star citizen and it’s alpha and fix stuff ( yes it’s a wish i know probably won’t happen) .

So it’s now Gung Ho to the forums then? ---->

That’s the spirit! I am almost sure noone here would be smarter than our Devs and comparing their work ethics simular to that other game? Shame on you dude. Eve Online runs rings around that game!

//edit okay let’s apply the fishbone to this problem and see if we can solve it for you. Okay?
What are you seeing 1 week out of 3?
What is your connection like?

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Go to your eve folder right click properties remove read-only apply. This sorts out 90% of crap most of the time.

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What are you talking about? When and where did i talk about connection being a problem? And yes why not take it to the forums after months of having the same issue pop up again? If things don’t work they have to be called out,no matter how “harsh” it may seem to you.

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Eve folder doesn’t exist since it play it on a browser when not at home.

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Check your browser permissions then, it is more than likely a security thing.

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No takebacks from how I replied though am willing to put in a little search if you are able to open up to us here and please focus on what is working for Eve Anywhere when it doesn’t work? Did you pay your power bill 1 week out of 3?

The fishbone is a method used to solve the problem. We need to get past that term and just help us help you as you had already mentioned that you had received some check list to help sort by the team?

Unless you feel it is just a vent then that was the reason for the “That’s the spirit comment”! Content is content and I am a miner!

Waiting for Eve Anywhere to become available in Canada.

I tried diableling everything and it still doesn’t work. It worked with normal settings before.

I wrote what i wrote because after months of reaching to CCP people need to ask/say things in the forums. Letting go of things that don’t work just give CCP the idea that everything is fine . Let’s take the new update and dx12 that causes lag and people need to disable it to play the game normally, do you consider that "venting2 also?

Ah the classic "EvE is broken and I spoke to 5 devs and they said nothing, so I came here where there are no devs reading it to let the devs know the thing I spoke to 5 of them about is broken. Even though everyone knows the devs dont come here.

Also when someone asks me about the problem, Ill get super defensive."

Man, forums never change, do they.

Click on dev post’s and you will realise that they are constantly updating the previous patch trying to iron out all the bug’s. They will eventually fix it.

If there is a problem point it out logically to aid the devs and it would get done quicker vent and spill ton’s of words everywhere and it slows the process down.

Put your self in their shoes.


People having terrible PC’s doesn’t help, it’s a massive change and upgrade so it’s not going to work right from the first update. That’s just not realistic.

But hey, keep crying like a 5 year old.

No, I concider that remark about DirectX12 incorrect.

That is not the reason for the lag, refer to the feedback forum thread for proof.

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