Eve API Contracts: no location for item_exchange?

Hey developers,

Started using corporations contract API: EVE Swagger Interface

What i find odd is that a location (station id or system id ) for item_exchange is not given, when clearly in Eve, contracts have locations from where they are setup.

This matters to me because some corperation members submit ore buyback contracts to wrong locations and we would like to know that.

Am I missing a trick / another API to get this information?

Fly safe!

The station/structure of the item exchange contract should be provided as start_location_id (and I think it’s also the same as end_location_id). You’d have to derive the system from the structure/station’s ID. Also see Add System ID to /characters/{character_id}/contracts/ · Issue #1213 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub.

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Ah! I was just reading from the swagger, and it stated that the start/end locations are only for couriers! Indeed, can confirm that both locations are given on item_exchanage. Cheers.

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