Eve Changes, Part 3: Null Sec Validation

In my objectives for nullsec i want to accomplish a few things which are as follows

  • Removing immortal alliances from existing
  • Making it extremely difficult to stay alive after you lose all your space.
  • Making it much easier to gain space
  • Removing station spam by a hard cap limit to 1 per corp or a number to an alliance.
  • Limiting one station to a system
  • Invalidating Intelligence channels through mechanics
  • Improving the nullsec experience
  • Finding out what to do with capitals.

lets get started…

I do not support the concept of alliances existing for many years on end. I think they should have normal life and death cycles because that enables new innovative groups to come up and it enables players with the ability to engage in new loyalties and “re-experience” that list of objectives they may of done before. Yes this may be repetitive to a degree (like working with a new corp to build members, or a new station over agian) but the travel along the way will be different and that makes the experience unique.

For the health of the game, for new innovative corps/alliances to exist, for new experiences to be acquired the old alliances and corps must die. If you look at goons for example, they have been uprooted from their space many times, but have never “died”, just moved to a place and uprooted a new entity that could of brought about change and innovation to the game.

These are strong examples of how null alliances are harming the game in the long-term. As i said before, would you rather have a choice between two alliances that offer the same thing, with the same conditions, or 10 alliances with different things, with different conditions. Obviously you are more likely to be happy if you have various levels of progression, with various levels of commitment to the game, you are far more likely to find a place there and stay in the game longer under those conditions.

What ever the mechanic, i support change in this direction.

Making it much easier to gain space

To be honest, this is an easy one by simply reducing costs for systems claimed and scaling up. This may also be a strong mechanic to fighting station space by scaling up costs based on how many your corp/alliance has. This brings us to the next point

“Removing station spam”

The new fusion cores will not be enough to stop the spam, so i purpose a set of changes to stations as a whole.

  • Corporations will be limited to 1 station per a corp.
  • Stations will now be upgradable from small to medium, to large, and will no longer be able to be build on medium and large sizes, but instead will require building up to that level.
  • Station upgrades can now be directly installed for a isk cost, and will no longer require building the modules (simply, click, select, and play)
  • Stations will no longer fundamentally generate isk (no more docking fee’s get paid to players) but will instead sink isk. Additionally, all rates of fee’s on stations will now be hard-locked by ccp, and only modules will decrease them effectively turning stations away from generating isk, and acting as an active sink. This is the price that has to be paid to have stations in null.
  • Station benefits by default increased. This means that station will start at 90% reprocessing rate (in null) and go up to 100% with modules. Other modules will obtain similar logic.
  • Stations will no longer have classifications (Ie, Retaru, etc) but will all be a generic station. The names will not only dictate the stations aesthetic design.
  • Research and Manufacturing will now be increased significantly, and changes are to be made to make it far more difficult for jump freight / freight to move stuff from null (cargo nerf?) To encourage null production. Lets face it as long as you can shift high sec to null, you will never be able to progress the game in the direction of a true player created null economy.
  • Corporations will now have a new feature where players can “teach” the corporations station specific blueprints. This will enable players in the corp to build anything in the station that potentially exists in the corps data banks, but will take time. If the station is losed, moved, de-anchored, etc that information will be purged completely and will need to be “researched” by the corp over again, if the station is off-lined, it will require 25% of the total time to research it to be reinvested to get it back to being able to being used.
  • Stations will now be limited 1 per a system.

In the end stations should be the focal point of a corp, its crown jewel, and they should have value to an alliance as well as a corp.

Alliances should now be able to drop 1 station as the alliance hq and follow the above concepts but be alliance based.

improving the null experience & intel channels

Intelligence changes are really needed in eve because intel channels really work hard at preventing pvp from being a thing. With all the station spam, and intel channels its very difficult to be killed in pvp. Literally all the risk in the game has gone to high sec, and all the risk from null removed, and all the reward has been removed from high sec and added to null.

Its clear from the above that the devs are listening way to much to the null players / csms on this level and is why the game as a whole is suffering.

Its time we did something about this and added risk back to nullsec by

  • Significantly increasing warp-scrams on rats, of all sizes for starters. This will cause players to effectively be tackled by rats which means potential roaming gangs will be more common (because it will be easier to catch things) this will in effect invalidate intel channels to a degree (because stuck players can move to get out of the way regardless.
  • A new module will be added to citadels that increases the payout rate of insurance on ships in the system that die to players or npcs. This will be one of the new benefits to stations and the above changes, which is ment to make loss in pve setting (ie while earning money) sting less and be more rewarding for new players, encouraging them into null. This will be especially effective at refunding tier 2, faction, and tier 3 ship insurance. This will encourage insurance to take place which will sink much more from the game.
  • More interaction from npcs for example
  • If you, then they… Type logic or “if they, then you” type logic. Examples are
    if you get close, they mines, small objects that can be visually seen that explode if you get in range or after a set period of time, or things like “if you destroy a drone they launch another”
  • Npcs deal aoe damage when dying
  • Npc rats can warp away and come back a few seconds later.

Capital ships
The nerfs to capitals is working, but im afraid it was to much for people to want to use them. It seems i was right again and that they just need to go to being something “sub-caps can kill but cant attack” and shifting all capitals into a capital vs capital, and capital vs station mindset.

This will validate sub-caps for protecting them against other subcaps which validates new players in all of this nonsense, moves for larger battles (which ccp is stuck on for some god-awful reason) and give a defined role to both cap/sub-caps.

this works well with high sec/lowsec station design if the stations simply just had more passive regeneration to them making capitals more of an “easier way to kill stations”. I think this will help capitals be pushed back to being valued, but only for the right reasons because the constant nerfs/buffs to health has never really solved the capital problem.

btw these changes are all based on the stats/power of weapons etc of capitals. Subcaps simply can be hit of the capital weapons etc cant track them so this change really requires little to no coding.

thats it for now.

It’s back. :roll_eyes:


That’s a lot of words.

So, basically kill eve as it is in favor of a pipe dream, negate years of effort that are why people keep playing, either forcibly break a metric buttload of “stations” (which aren’t) and making logistics a pain in the ass without actually fixing anything given that standings exist and you can thus spam corps to evade your rules or leaving the existing blocs so entrenched with grandfathered infrastructure that cannot be matched.

You also break several fundamental changes to Structures that made the game significantly healthier, and break wormholes in the process. It hurts all space, but fundamentally breaks wormholes on your structure changes.

The insurance change means that you get a setup where if an alliance has sufficient production, their SRP for anything they cannot easily make is funded at greater than 100% through insurance.

Also, the NPC changes alone break several other things. Now you can’t ninjaloot or any of several other traditions, and brawler fits for pve may end up needing significantly more tank shortly after a major nerf to resistances. AND you make drones other than sentries almost impossible to use in sustained PVE.

Also, how does one make something "“sub-caps can kill but cant attack” because the only way to do that would be smartbombs, which then would require changes to smartbombs that break things even worse in more areas.

IF you are a dev of any kind as you claim elsewhere, you need to learn the first three rules of balancing.

  1. The Law of Unintended Consequences says every change will have effects you aren’t expecting, and so you need to examine every change from as many angles as you can. You appear to have not taken a single second to look at how any of your changes works with any other part of this most interconnected MMO, or even other aspects of your changes.
  2. The principle of skill+investment equals results says all of these changes are going to lose long term players by negating both through mechanics.
  3. The principle of ownership is a huge part of why people actually play eve. You are removing aspects of ownership from structures which people are accustomed too. Those changes will cause people to leave.
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Another few months of lols…

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Sounds good to me. Let’s get a team on it right away.

Yep, 17 years, millions of players and an entire dev team at EVE didn’t think of OP’s brilliant ideas.

Holy hell…today’s just insane idea day isn’t it?

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