Suggestion: Deleting Alliances

This is a bit of a complex topic for players, but I will try to present it in a way that you may follow.
The designers at ccp should understand the point that are being placed here.

Points to Consider

  • Alliances had a natural life and death cycle
  • Alliances formed coalitions and that cycle decreased from 1-2 years life expectancy to 4+ years.
  • Coalitions enabled power to individual alliances, which created a snow ball effect and established the senior alliances as “immortals”.
  • The life and death cycle of corporations is extremely important for eve, as it enables the creation of new corporations new focus’s innovations, and enables much more options for personality, progression, and atmosphere tone. When population consolidates into smaller numbers of larger groups, these things start to be worked out of the game, resulting in people losing their place, turning the game into work and so forth.

This last point is extremely important because it is a major part of retention rates for games

Now On to the discussion

What comes from alliances being deleted?
Removing alliances from the game (and limiting the amount of blues you can be allied to) sets up a new dynamic in eve. A dynamic where people focus more on their individual identity, innovations, and so forth. The result of this is a much more dynamic level of game play.

In addition to this, we also break up the space in eve, allowing for the establishment of many more sovereign powers in eve.

Lots of “Micro-States” Provides a lot more content, as if you have more people to shoot at, you have more content (for pvp). This also provides a huge sink in the game, natural player related counters to multi-boxing, and addressing many other similar related issues.

I want to mention that with the removal of the actual “alliance” mechanic from eve, the potential of being something similar is still there, found in mega+ corporations. So in essence its a shift of power, instead of a removal of power.

Food for thought.

Putting a side your opinion about this topic, I ask the question.
What would eve’s sov map look like for null if there was 200 corporations controlling null, instead of 50 alliances?

just more work to blue more people but it would still be done in the end, add the human to the equation

Na, you limited blues with this change. This will stop the mass nap web thats in place and reduce the max fleet sizes to a few thousand. Eve will keep its big battles, but they wont have tidi-aids.

CCP doesn’t delete character, corporations or alliances as they are part of the history of Eve. They are what makes those stories you hear so true.

The reason why alliances and coalitions last longer now is because players have gotten better at running them. The reason why fights keep getting bigger and bigger is because CCP makes the game run better so players can (and will) stuff more people into the same system.

It’s not something that CCP needs to stop from happening. That’s what players want to do.


There are dozens of possibilities for people to form alliances been destroyed at very beginning by non-perfect mechanics of wardecing. So there is a bit early to talk about deleting alliance till problems on it’s creation not solved.

Btw appreciate all your work you do on this forum section Amanari Talar. The thing you are one who cares is important.

Pretty much the same because those corporation would work together to achieve a goal.

I was in the keepstar battle at A24 just a few days back. Part of the attacking force.

There were non-blues directly assisting us. The only fighters I lost were because of them shooting my fighters on account of us being not blue, but for the most part it’s a simple matter to have their ticker up on your overview with a list of approved targets available.

@agondray is completely correct, once you add humans to the mix, the status quo will merely be more annoying, not changed.

Speaking to the aspect of TiDi, people WANT to have big battles. Well… some of us do. If it weren’t for TiDi, it would be a very fun thing. Removing alliances would not stop those big battles, which would not stop TiDi. Having 4500-6500 players in local would be incredibly fun without lag. Holy crap fun.

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But we already have NPC corps where toons got born at, so you only could do that not allowing people to create player owned corps.

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