Corps, alliance limite

After playing for 4 years eve online, enjoying it a lot and being an hardcore gamre on this game (spent thousands of hours on it), I am sending my toon to biomass with his 100m sp.

I was able to fly every ships, avatar included. But what for ? Joining a big corp and do whatever i want ? And this is what came to me :slightly_smiling_face: There is no limite about corps or alliance pilote’s number. So if everybody join the same corp alliance, we can reach the point where there is no game anymore. This is what happenend on serinity, chinese server. Regarding this video :

The game could be fantastic if you limite a corporation of maybe 100 poeple. Alliance of 5 corporations (or 10 if you want a smooth game). Even with coalition it will be so much fun to try to deal plenty of coalitions, it could make this game so wounderfull. No more monopole, when a new pilote ask for a big corp ? Well sorry, they are full, you have to fullfill a less big one and try to help them to developp.

I know Eve is about number, I loved to take fights outnumbered, I loved to be pushed to be creative to do stuff bymyself, but we reached the point where you don’t need skill points anymore, just add number.

If you limite the number, you will create an interresting game.


So what would prevent corps of a limit of 100 people to just set blue to each other?

Yeah, limiting corp numbers will do nothing. If people decide they want to kill eve and stop shooting at each other, then they can always do that no matter the game mechanics.

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A lot of things in game may change. First you will have to manage your blue standings correctly giving funny situations if you mess up, then they will push them to be creative but believe me : once you create an entity, corporation or alliance, poeple will start to indentify them to it or will try to betray them (this is eve ins’t it ?). If you limite this number it push them the create specific intel chan, stuffs like this, that poeple not always follow. Then about structures, you don’t know really who is blue with who. And it will give an opportunity to install really in null sec or low sec for new corp / alliance. I didn’t play in null sec, I spent 4 years in wh space, but when i had some guys in my small corp we where interresting in having 1 system in null sec. What you see is big blocks now. Imagine them seperated more, really more split. An ally can turn into an ennemy, standings change. What we have now is big statics blocks, nothing new, nothing creative.

So yes, it will change a lot the gameplay.

No, in this fictional world where everyone decide not to shoot each other, then it doesn’t matter what the game mechanics are.

It is a very unlikely scenario though, so I suppose there really is no point to discussing it. There will always be some people left that wants to shoot at stuff. The day there is no one is left to shoot at stuff, that is the day eve is officially dead.

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The discussion is : do you prefer : few Hollywood block busters (huge alliance) or a lot of different indy moovies ?

Edit : the point to discuss about it is to think different, to be creative. You have a system, you can change it.

And what you say goes in the way of my opinion. If you have a couple of big alliances it is like 3-4 big entities killing each others. If you have several entities it means more diffierent fights and more often.

Look, since you can’t understand that any meta agreement circumvents any game mechanics, then it’s pretty hard for me to explain it to you.

TL;DR your proposal makes absolutely no change whatsoever if people decide to blue doughnut up.


Meta agreements allready exists with coalitions, but believe me, if you have limits trough corp alliances, it means more poeple leading them, it means something more difficult to manage.

Actually few poeple rule the game.

Each lvl to manage corp allow you +20 members (max 100) and then each lvl to manage an alliance allow +1 corporation (max 5)

Also, this should be moved to “Player Features & Ideas”.

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Moove it then.

I just think it would not work because groups like goonswarm have a bad habit of forming Voltron anyway when threatened.

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It will even change identity of an alliance like goonswarm. You will have “real” goons and other alliances. With time they may turn from blue to red and it means : having different alliances boss. It means different poeple to talk with. If you want to spam alts and different alliances, it means having each time different alliance chan and corps chan…

Edit : if you put a limit (that doesn’t exist right now) it will push poeple to be more creative and it may ballance a bit this game.

Edit 2 : poeple act like lemmings, they follow or rush to security, witch is big alliances or corps, if you put a limite you will reach same “forces” to each alliance, they can reach the same amount of poeple max.

edit 3 and seperate, a system like this has a sepcific impact ingame since ccp never added alliance bookmarks, witch is really important in wh space. So it limites also mega corp and organisation in wh space.

Edit 4 regarding the number of pilotes in goonswarm federation alliance they are 32’000. If with this system an alliance is 500 pilotes max it means that they have to split and create 64 alliances… Same time all alliances are under same system : 500 poeple max, you make a fair amount on every side. And you give back to eve a more “human” aspect of this game. YOu are not flood under the mass.

Interesting arguments. But you are leaving, so why make them?

You could argue that because you cannot make the changes in-game that you want (did you try?) you are just joining another group of lemmings and quitting the game instead.

True, giving up something you have enjoyed for 1000’s of hours does show strength of character. But as always, why are you hanging around, both to tell everyone and then to argue about your reasons?

Out of curiousity, how have you tried to introduce your suggestions previously?

I leave eve for several reasons. One of them is the event about bot farmers, I’have heard about that as a legend from deep of my wh. When i saw poeple bot farming in titans i was like no way, I play the game, I took risks offering content same time by farming in c5 dual dreds, and poeple just doesn’t play the same game, just ruin it. In fact, they did easy money without playing.

Then why having skills ? Just join a big corp and do whatever you want. Oh and know, you have skill injectors… You can rebuild a toon as you want right ? I don’t want to feed those big groups and I have troubles to follow blindly orders. Too independant in my mind. So I am able to fly an Avatar, every ships, but what to do with them ? Hunting alone ? yes I imagined that as a dream, and reality is you will be blobed asap.

I am giving here a last idea.

Edit : i may have played more 9000 to 10’000 hours I’ve reached 3500 hours on steam and it was only for the first year i think, maybe 2, then i’ve cuted eve from steam, so impossible to say exactly.

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Before you go, screenshot where you trash your complete inventory please

Allready done. I sacrified a nyx then i had to come back to take care of a fortizar for friends, I deleted everything. i am under biomass timmer with gasparella my alt.

Right click and trash all doesn’t allow anybody to retrieve anything. I had a full container full of dead bodies, like 600, every gifts i received everything i collected for 4 years, everything is allready deleted. Now my 100m sp toons.

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Congratulations with your freedom

Thx i feel so light and well.

And I have no problem with your idea, in principle. Even though more experienced players such as @Maekchu appear to have problems regarding how it might work (or not), in practice.

This one I have great sympathy for. The biggest frustration I have, on behalf of other players such as yourself, is the apparent lack of transparency. There are a number of posts on these forums of players who have reported possible bot activity and then heard … nothing. Nothing about whether it was investigated, never mind what the outcome was. I think it would be useful for complainants to even know if they were just plain wrong.

Did you submit a ticket about the bot titams? Do you know how to? (I know I do not.) And what was the outcome if you did?

This one I definitely disagree with. I have been flying 15 months, on a single account, with no multi-boxing. As a result, I chose to spend the first 4-5 B isk I made on injectors to help boost the 2/3 different strands I needed eg mining, transport, manufacture. (This before I bit the bullet and started 2 alts.) I really do not agree with the argument that using skill injectors is somehow “cheating”, or that I am less skilled because I “bought” some of my skills rather than having mythically “learned” them.

This I get. I am still flying and playing solo. Although I do have my own solo corp in order to play with structures. You are not alone in wanting to be a “floating voter”. Maybe I will be you in another three years?

It is not cheating, it is just anohter world now. I’ve played eve without them, and yes, it is fukin easy now if you know a bit the game to create a toon as you want. Poeple recreate quickly toons to make them fly titans, with some skill injectors it is pretty easy to do. The fact that you have to mythically learn your skills trough time push you to be patient and to learn the game from the bottom. When you reached the top as I did, being able to fly everything, only pvp oriented, then from the sky you watch outside, and I saw outside. I got no place there.

Edit : solo player’s life is now completly limited, due to no corp’s limite, no alliance limit’s, they grow to the infinite. I was on the help chan, I connected quickly to give my last billions to a new player. First think i saw when I connected was someone asking : what is the biggest corporation I could join ? This is what new players seek now. I was also a ceo for about 4 years of a small family corp. Max poeple 6-7 when we where A LOT. I pushed my guys to be indepedant and solo hunters. Wh space was the last bastion of freedom about that. Yesterday I wanted to collapse to don’t be denied playing simply. No respect, poeple come to gank you with number. Ok this is the game, I spent time to talk with them, the guy said to me : we are good, we are a good corporation but we need more poeple.

I asked him : what is it to be good in Eve ? His answer was : having poeple. Most of the time when i ask this, poeple get troubles to answer.