Should 250+ man corps be broken down?

Large corps have an advantage over small corps and something needs to be done to punish large corps from steamrolling small corps.

Why do you think limiting corp size would have any effect at all?

I mean, I have two 125 man corps that just blue each other and BAM, a 250 corp.

Not sure why people think limiting in-game corp size will have any influence, when corp composition is a meta thing.

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And how do we do this? Max limit of 50? But then can’t a 300man group just make 6 groups of 50 and still work together? You can’t stop players working together.

And besides, players that are social and have good organisational skills will rightly benefit from having greater man power. Nothing wrong with that.

Welcome to the sandbox.


Family of trolls, table of 5 please.


Punishment fetish?

Hi, it’s hilarious.

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Yes. Its called small corps making new friends and fight large corps on equal footings.

Its not CCPs fault that your diplomacy skills are -100 and you cant help but make enemies everywhere.

Should we tell him about alliances? It might break his mind.

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