Isk Averse Blog VI - If You're Too Big to Fight, You're Too Big to Exist

Deerest nerds,
There’s a lot of discussion going on about the current war, and I wanted to take this opportunity to get opinionated on the Isk Averse blog: I think if Nullbloc groups are too big to fight, they are too big to exist. Yup, they should be busted down to the size they were 10 years ago, and all those other players should be incentivized to move out into the empty parts of the map. In the post, I go through a lot of how I think this problem came about, as well as a touch of what I think CCP should do about it. Check out my thoughts here, and send me your hatemail on the blog, on here, or by your favorite galactic freight service to J1*****.

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How exactly are you expecting CCP to accomplish this?

really ? who is at war ? not much or anything on the forums

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Can large player Alliances just have conflict verses npc factions again?

I recall blackout did something like that where I read about Alliances had to stop their normal fighting to fight Drifters and protect what was theirs.

Does being in a large Alliance always lead to war vs other player Alliances?

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please leave this game
The Eve Online Playerbase

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Do you honestly think it was different a decade ago

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