Player limit in each complex

I would like to propose a hard limit on the number of players that can enter a complex. So for example in the complexes ending with 1, only 1 player from each faction can enter. There may need to be two acceleration gates, one for each faction. And if a faction member is inside the respective gate will power down. This makes the complexes like even more like Arenas and getting jumped by 3-4 people is no longer possible, unless you chose to plex solo in a complex ending with 5 or more.

What are the benefits? You avoid the awkward situation where you have been plexing for 8 mins, and then a friendly comes in stays for 2 mins and cuts your reward in half. But instead it could become first come first serve. This means that farmers may prefer even more agile fits. Because now its about getting to the plex first. It also means that groups of 5 will never have to share with a stranger because plexes ending with 5 will only allow 5 people.

Said in another way, why is there no hard limit of the number of players that can enter a plex? It could actually lead to more PVP since someone plexing is more keen on staying because he knows he cannot be jumped by 2-3 players if he chooses the right plex. So he might stay and fight. The concept might change peoples mentaliy a litttle. Because the main problem with PVP in Eve online is the odds are always stacked against you and its very much a cat and mouse game. But by limiting the number of players that can enter a complex the field gets slightly more even. I know yall dont care about this or cant comprehend the idea and thats part my fault in that case i guess. But i thought i would share the idea anyway. Have a nice day.

As a bonus, the plexes could be more randomized. So that there will now be plexes with room for 2,3,4,5,6,8 and it will random. So you wlil come across for example SMALL-NVY3 which means 3 people from each faction can be inside at any one time

Wonderful Idea. I will place my own Alt(s) with my farming main into the same complex and just farm forever in absolute safety.


Im not sure what you mean. You cant capture when members from opposing faction is present

in this case I simply place my own alt on the gate in a fast ship and keep farming with my main as long as no one shows up. If someone wants to kill me, I warp in my own alt, preventing anyone from coming in by shutting down the gate. And then I just bore them to death until they leave and I can keep farming. If I can’t finish the complex, they can’t for sure, effective denial.

I for one am ok with that. You dont even need an alt you could make a friend in opposing faction and do this. But its not withour risk. Sooner or later someone will point you or your friend camping the gate.

And if you can avoid that, if you become really good at it. My hats off to you. You deserve the LP

ok, let me rephrase it: any mechanic that allows a player (or group) to effectively (mechanically) shut down an area of space is bad game design in an open world multiplayer game.

It’s discussable for Abyssals because they are time-limited and the ships inside will spawn at a guaranteed location so you can set up a trap. Your suggestion allows people to close an impenetrable door behind them and warp off into safety without anyone being able to catch them ever.


Please elaborate

For as long as the door is closed the timer dont tick down. The timer will only tick when the door is open

That doesnt matter. The point is that he is mechanically denying content to others who have no way to stop him from doing it.

Closed areas limit player interaction, it removes the “multiplayer” aspect of the multiplayer game. Maybe you should elaborate why a gate shall “shut down” after two opposing faction’s ships have warped in for “more fairness”? It doesn’t even make sense, the empires care about victory, not fairness, if the gate could recognize a ships faction, they would construct the gates in a way that they simply won’t allow the other faction to warp in at all.

Denying content?So when i go mine an asteroid i denied someone content because now they cant mine it. Or if i kill some plexer that is afk i denied someone else that content because now they cant kill him. I think you are grasping at straws.

Closed areas limit player interaction, it removes the “multiplayer” aspect of the multiplayer game.

That is a broad stroke that is not worth responding to. But i will anyway? Are you against players logging off or docking in stations? They are essentially denying other people from interacting with them. Actually no â– â– â– â–  it. This conversation is boring. Im out

And anyone can kill you while doing it.

Or the afk plexer only pretended to be afk and kills you instead. You are not safe while doing it.

I’ll take your word for it!


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